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Please Save Our Home from clearcutting!

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Williams is the home to dozens of small organic family farms. It is also the home of Herb Pharm, one of the largest herbal medicine companies in the United States and employer of hundreds of Williams residents. This particular parcel of land holds the head waters to three different creeks which are the source of much of the irrigation water that is used by Williams families and Williams family farms. The aerial spraying of herbicides which follows a clear-cut, will literally poison our watershed destroying the lively-hood of many family farms and businesses. Many of these chemicals are said to cause cancer and birth defects. The most commonly used, Atrazine, is banned in the European Union. It is also possible that because of the erosion left by a cut of this size, these creeks may stop flowing entirely. In these times, clean fresh water is becoming a more and more scarce. Presently, Williams has some of the cleanest water in the entire United States. Please help preserve our precious clean water and watershed!

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