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The first of many letters I sent to the CEO of BOSF. I included in my letter photos of the four orangutans. He ignored all

my letters (copied to others in BOSF) and he ignored the orangutans. “Rambo”, a baby orangutan, dies about four weeks later. “Gundul” I went to see for myself very recently. When in Indonesia I again emailed the CEO of BOSF begging him to help Gundul. He ignored my request.


I think you will see from my letter below I have been polite as well as understanding of the challenges facing BOSF. Gundul will, because she has been in captivity for so long, not be suitable for return to the forest, but she could live safely with other orangutans in a rescue centre with a roof over her head.



13th August 2012


Dr. Ir. Jamartin Sihite


Dear Jamartin,

I am writing to ask if BOSF will please accept the four orangutans illustrated below into Samboja Lestari without delay?

As we both know, orangutans like these four have suffered enough and could die from an illness at any moment.

My understanding from COP is they have written recently and asked BOSF to accept these orangutans. All four orangutans are big news throughout social media and clearly this is not helpful to BOSF or the orangutans.

I have a reasonable understanding of the pressures upon BOSF but I ask you please not to allow these four orangutans to suffer a day longer, and bring them to Samboja Lestari where I suspect conditions may not be as ideal as you would like, but better and safer than where these four are now. Doing so will be wonderful for the orangutans and BOSF will rightfully receive a lot of praise on Facebook/Twitter etc.

Many thanks.


Kind regards,

Sean Whyte


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Jamartin Sihite

Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation,

Dear Mr. Sihite,

Will you please arrange to have Gundul rescued today? No more procrastination, no more excuses. You can do it, can’t you?

One more orangutan, even one which cannot be returned one day to the wild, won’t make any difference to BOSF, but it will make the world of difference to Gundul, won’t it Mr. Sihite?

If money is a concern, why not offer Gundul for adoption? She would attract a lot of money, more than needed to take care of her, wouldn’t it?

I’m told Rambo died a lonely death having waited for a long time to be rescued by BOSF. I just don’t understand how anyone could abandon a baby orangutan so clearly in need of love and help. Why did you not help poor Rambo?

Rambo, now dead, but should still be alive – you do know this, don’t you?

Please don’t leave Gundul to also die a lonely death. I’ll never forgive you or BOSF if she is not rescued – and soon.

Please will you now rescue Gundul and give her all the care and attention she deserves? Please don’t abandon her.

From today I hold BOSF fully responsible for Gundul’s welfare.

I look forward to some good news from you very soon.

Thank you.

A Friend of the Orangutans.

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