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Please Re-instate YouTube Channel Zedomax!

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I just signed a petition asking YouTube to re-instate my YouTube Channel Zedomax, and to have all or at least some of my strikes removed.

For 6 years, I've uploaded near 2000 videos to YouTube.  Recently, I received my 3rd strike for violating Community Guidelines and my YouTube channel has been terminated along with near 2000 videos, which I've worked very hard on for the last 6 years.  I do not have backup of all my videos either.

My name is Max Lee, a father of a beautiful girl who lives 5 minutes away from YouTube headquarters in SF Bay Area; my YouTube channel is a hub for my videos and subscribers who come to learn about Android smartphones.  And my passion is to make video tutorials for people who have Android smartphones.  

Most of my video tutorials are very helpful, instructional videos many people around the world rely on to help fix their Android smartphones.  I know, perhaps some of my videos are biased toward Android but those are my personal opinions and I should have right to “free speech”.

I know YouTube is one of the most open communities in the world that promote freedom of speech/fairness, and I am calling on you to do the right thing.

We, me and my fans who watch the videos, are frustrated by the termination of my YouTube account without any explanation.  
It's frustrating as a YouTube Partner that drives 50,000 views on YouTube daily with nearly 35,000 subscribers, to be all lost in one day.  It's a loss for both me and YouTube.  

This petition isn't just about me, but for everyone who's YouTube account was terminated without a response and had all of their videos removed with no option to save them to their computer.

I have used YouTube Partner support forms already and have not gotten any responses for 3 days.

YouTube, I still have my last "hope" in you, I urge you to look over all the 3 strikes I got on my YouTube Channel "zedomax" and see if they were all valid and violates your Community Guidelines.  Even if they all did violate your Guidelines, please think of how many people who can't fix/use their smartphones because most of my viewers are your everyday Joe who cannot fix it without the tutorial videos on Zedomax YouTube channel.

Let's start by giving Zedomax YouTube channel back to the people and my fans who need it the most.

Best, Max Lee

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