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Please Produce Dracula

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Please think about  producing Dracula, the striking, stylized, horror-drama recently cancelled by NBC, as a new show for your network.  NBC is going in a different direction, with more live shows, more comedies.   It’s too bad they didn’t give it more time despite that.  It was much more popular and valuable than NBC thought it was.  It had more viewers than the Nielsen numbers said. 


The show is slick and sexy.  This darkly twisted, lavish period piece is a very jazzy version of the classic Bram Stoker story which, one hundred years later, still has its hypnotic grip on people around the world.  You’ll find the show to be one part history, two parts swirling tale, three parts romance, and a lot of fun.  With a fascinating backstory rooted in actual history and a lively real-time tale, it’s both immediately entertaining, and a serial story that opens in developing chapters.  Each episode builds on the ones before.  Watch one episode, and you want another.


Quality, quality, quality!  Brilliant story, talented cast, breathtaking sets.  Intriguing and unpredictable storylines.  Titanic-quality cinematography, with colors, sets and costuming just over the top.  It is a love story, a revenge story, a reason versus fundamentalism story.  Outrageous villains abound.  Evil pervades like London fog. And how many shades of evil are there anyway?  We have a heroine tied to the railroad tracks.   If three’s a crowd …. Well, then, it’s pretty crowded!  Drawing room snark, humor in shades of dark to rollicking, intrigue, blood – this show has it all; but you have to pay attention.  Fans watch episodes again and again, because there is always something new to see.  The pieces fit together like a puzzle.  You think you see it clearly, until you find more pieces, and it blossoms with new nooks and crannies.


The live audience on 10 p.m. Friday nights was modest. It’s an adult show, and many of its fans would be out having fun or working shifts when it aired. The true size of its audience was much larger, evidenced by the fact that it was third out of all shows aired for DVR / delayed viewing. Its audience nearly doubled when delayed viewers were added in. (  This uncounted audience would be captured in an on-demand venue. 


Dracula is going to have long shelf life. It is a period piece. Sets and costumes solidly place it in a spot in history that will not change. It does not purport to be contemporary. It will not become dated like a 70’s cop show with the mutton chops and bell bottoms. It will always be fresh.  You will never have to retire it because it looks out-of-date.


The enthusiasm this show would bring to your network is undeniable.     Its allure goes beyond standard viewing.  Of course, there were the viewing parties when it was airing, with the live tweets.   Something unique is that the tweets continued with synchronized live tweets, 11:00 p.m.  Eastern time, with fans watching the series again an episode at a time each week.   Audience participation...  It’s like a latter day Rocky Horror Picture Show.  The fans refused to let go.  They enjoyed it too much.   Dracula’s audience is more than devoted to it; they are cemented to it, as they will be to your network.  They will become your loyal customers.


We can give you first-hand feedback from viewers of the show.   You can see what your customers would think when they watched it on your network. We have a petition for Dracula on The title and petition letter reflect our original objective, which was to convince NBC to continue producing the show, and we were quite disappointed that did not happen. However, the more than 30,000 people who signed (hey, that’s a lot for a petition, particularly for a show that last aired in January 2014), and their thoughtful comments, speak to the show’s popularity and its strengths.  At the very bottom of this letter, there are themed comments from the first 10,000 signers arranged in a reader-friendly way.  All signatures and comments are available to be seen at


Dracula did have some negative press.   Admittedly, this show certainly is not for everyone.  For those who tuned in looking for rivers of blood and gore, well, those people were disappointed, as were the sparkle vampire fans. .  And they were a large portion of the original viewing audience on opening night.  These peeled away, leaving a core audience which grew steadily, through word of mouth and via the internet, with miniscule advertising support.  The fan base grew on its own merits.  It is a thinking person’s series.  And thinkers that enjoy a good story served up with style have been finding the show and staying.


Dracula has world-wide appeal.  It is still opening in countries all over the globe.  You would find no geographical constraints in the market for this show.


Dracula ran away with first place at, where fans are voting for which out of ten shows they most want continued.  This is another measure of the strength of our show, and its potential value to you.


Dracula had higher Nielsen ratings than Hannibal, the horror drama which held the same timeslot after Dracula concluded.  Hannibal was renewed despite this.


While Facebook fans do not directly translate into individual viewers, their numbers have direct validity. They are not based on samples (as are Nielsen numbers).   We looked up the FB fan numbers as part of our report to NBC (as of 2/2/14  11:00 p.m. – note, over a week after last episode aired)”

Show  / # FB Fans / # FB Fans Compared to Dracula / notes

Dracula   # FB Fans = 704,477              Notes:  New Show, Friday night

The Black List   # FB Fans = 618,062  Compared to Dracula: -86,415  Notes: New Show, renewed by NBC

20/20   #FB Fans: 398,948  Compared to Dracula: -305,529  Old Show, Friday night

Shark Tank  #FB Fans: 370,594  Compared to Dracula: -333,883  Notes:  Old Show, Friday night

Blue Bloods  #FB Fans: 320,175   Compared to Dracula:  -384,302 Notes:  Old Show, Friday night

Update to the numbers above - From Feb. 2nd to the beginning of March, more than a month after January 24th finale, during that dead silence, Dracula had added 100,000 more FB fans, and was still well ahead of all of these shows.  Now, four months after our last episode aired, our lead is gone.  But while we were airing, and even for a few months after that, we were ahead.  We feel that we have bragging rights.  We are a much stronger show, with a much bigger fan (customer) base than some of the top shows out there.


Dracula has a much larger audience than the Nielsen’s same day broadcast viewership numbers indicate.   It has very high DVR viewership.  ‘Twelve of the top 15 shows this season in terms of percentage time-shifting gains are hour-long dramas.  NBC’s Dracula, the No. 3 program, shoots up 80 percent, from a 1.0 to a 1.8.’


Despite Dracula’s quality and value, it does not fit NBC’s current profile. NBC doesn’t offer programming for people watching on DVRs, on iPhones or tablets, or for people under 17 & over 49 years old.  NBC advertisers don’t pay for these viewers; their current business model does not work for them.  According to Robert Greenblatt, NBC programming for the coming season will concentrate on “live events, edgy content, and return to the network’s roots in family comedies.  That doesn’t leave much room for a drama like Dracula.­-season/


NBC did a poor job advertising Dracula.  The FB page, the Tweets and word-of-mouth grew the fan base to a huge size, all without any noticeable promotional support by NBC.  Based on the thousands of comments received on the petition, almost no one saw any advertising at all for the show.  I myself only saw a few short commercials that aired directly before the show, right after Grimm.  To many, it was a puzzlement – why would NBC pour so much money into a show, and then basically sabotage it with lack of advertising? This was a sentiment expressed often on the FB page and in the petition.”  The main point  to this section is that Dracula’s fan base grew with almost no advertising.  It grew on its merits, by word of mouth of people who watched it.   The fan base is still growing, and that is because it is a good product that sells itself.”


Thank you very much for taking the time to read this .  We know you are very busy, and appreciate your kind consideration of our appeal.  Please think long and hard about our appeal to you.  We have tried very hard to show you the value that this show has.  It could be yours.  We think you would find it well worth your investment.   We would follow our show to your network, and so would the many people who keep on discovering it every day.

……………………………………………………………On behalf of the fans of the Dracula TV series



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