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Please, Mr. Spielberg, add PSA to War Horse about inhumane Horse Slaughter and our Wild Horse and Burro roundups on your DVDs.

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Education is the Key!

America’s horses and burros are under siege! Not only are our western wild herds being cruelly managed to extinction by the federal government’s BLM (Bureau of Land Management)—and using our taxpayer dollars to do it, but all horses in this country, from backyard pets and 4-H projects to champions of the racetrack and show ring, are at risk for being sent to the most inhumane death imaginable for a horse—slaughter. 

The wild horse herds and burros are being needlessly rounded up by the BLM, using helicopters that literally run the horses into the ground, many being cruelly killed in the process. Once rounded up, they are then stockpiled in short and long term holding facilities (40,000+) again at taxpayer expense, although once in so-called long-term holding are no longer viewable by the public who pays for their incarceration. There are now arguably more than twice the number of wild horses in holding facilities than are left on the range, and yet the roundups continue relentlessly, and there is substantial evidence to indicate that many of these wild horses are sent to Canada and Mexico for slaughter, despite denials—without proof—from the BLM. A federal law is needed to prohibit the transport of any American horses, wild or otherwise, to slaughter anywhere, whether in the US or other countries.

Please, Mr. Spielberg, the horses need your help in the form of a PSA attached to your movie War Horse, in order to inform the movie-going public of the daily dangers and horrors faced by our modern-day American horses, all because of human greed.

We the undersigned know that you value horses for the noble creatures that they are and for their vast contributions to the building of this country. We are petitioning you to attach a PSA to your movie War Horse in an effort to save and protect our modern day American horses from cruelty and abuse, inflicted on them by both our government and by private money interests. Please, Mr. Spielberg, the horses need a PSA from you!


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