Please Mosiac Spare the Sproat Lake heritage cedar tree forest

Please Mosiac Spare the Sproat Lake heritage cedar tree forest

March 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rob & Cheryl K

As residents of sproat Lake we were very surprised to find out that our favorite place to take a walk is being logged next week.

We are asking Mosaic Forest Management to please reconsider the logging of the community trail and the veteran / heritage cedar trees. *** Correction: This forest is a mix of mostly second growth with some mature western Red cedar that were missed.  Some are mature trees in the grove which are very unique to this area. Apologies for stating it was not  second growth in the original petition description. This was pointed out to us by a resident. Thank you for letting us know the history behind this forest. 

Please consider that this Forest and trail has been a considerable help to our community members during these difficult times of the pandemic and now the Ukraine /Russia war. 

Many health professionals have been recommending people support their mental health by spending time in nature. This special Forest trail is very close to residential and the residents are at a loss to think that it will be destroyed. 

We respect that this is private land and are pleading that Mosaic engage with the community to come up with a solution together that is mutually beneficial to save the old cedar trees and this unique forest. 

With everyone dealing with so much uncertainty and stress the logging of this community gem is very disheartening.

Together we can solve this problem and come up with a solution that works for everyone. 



Your Community Members and Neighbours. 


Please consider writing a personal email to Mosiac and the regional elected officials as well as signing and sharing this petition. Leave a comment about what this forest means to our community. We are including as many images of the old cedars in our emails. There has been no mention of these trees which are clearly not second growth. 

Please send your letter to the following:

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Signatures: 1,393Next Goal: 1,500
Support now