Please make the Jimberly romance canon on "Power Rangers"

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On the "Power Rangers" television series, Jason and Kimberly have always been close and it has been rumored that there was a romance intended between Jason and Kimberly in the 1997 film "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie", but it was written out/cut out of the film.  Despite this, Jason and Kimberly and Jason as close and protective of each other in the "Turbo" film as they ever were on the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" TV series.  We, the fans, have always loved the idea of Jason and Kimberly becoming a couple, as they usually split up together and/or were very close and supportive to one another on "M.M.P.R.".  Since the new "Power Rangers" had a deleted "Jimberly" romance, we would like to see Jason and Kimberly end up as a couple on the show as well, please.  Despite the fact that the current season "Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel" will apparently not have Austin St. John (Jason) or Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly) guest star on the show's 25th anniversary season, we, the fans, would like to see the original Jason and Kimberly actors invited back to guest star on the show's 2019 season "Power Rangers: Beast Morphers" or its 2020 "Super" season, have both actors don their Mighty Morphin costumes one more time and reveal that Jason and Kimberly have become a couple.

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