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Please Keep the Finger Lakes Beautiful, Profitable, & Healthy! Please Stop the Landfill Expansion!


The Finger Lakes Are Worth More than Imported Garbage.

New York’s citizens love the Finger Lakes. The region is scenic, beautiful, and bountiful.  The land drives local economic livelihood in tourism, agriculture, and the wine tourism industry. Sadly the region is under a very real threat by a Texas based garbage import corporation.

Years ago, to save the county money and reduce operating expenses, Ontario County leased the county landfill to a Texas based landfill management company. Casella Waste Management agreed to run the county landfill for decades. But, as part its business agenda, Casella has aggressively sought garbage imports from Cananda and allowed truckers to dump them at Casella operated landfills throughout the United States and in Ontario County.   As if importing garbage to the US wasn't disgusting enough, now Casella has increased it’s imports so much that it's at risk of exceeding capacity of the landfill.

So now what does Casella want? Rather than decrease it's garpage imports, Casella' wants Ontario County to expand the dump and allow even more imported garbage into our region.  And they already PLAN TO DUMP THE WATER RUNOFF INTO SENECA LAKE! (Sadly, the water, referred to as leachate, is already pumped into Cananandaigua Lake!)

Amazingly some members of the Ontario County Board of Supervisors don't understand that this is a problem. They don't think that anyone really cares about the land or the lakes. They think that the money Casella pays is worth more than the land, air, and water for Ontario County's citizens.  They are wrong. They need to hear from you!

Please help keep the Finger Lakes Beautiful!  Sign our petition and ask the Ontario County Supervisors to Finally Wake Up and Stop the Landfill Expansion!

This is our Finger Lakes Forever and We Are Worth More than Imported Garbage!!

Letter to
Ontario County Board of Supervisors Ontario County Board of Supervisors
Dear Ontario County Board of Supervisors,

Please stop the Ontario County Landfill Expansion. This decision by the Board of Supervisors will create centuries negative long-term ramifications for local businesses, farmers, citizens of Ontario County, and potential tourists. The long term economic benefits of Ontario County and the Finger Lakes far outweigh the value of Casella's imported Canadian garbage.

The negative environmental effects of the land-fill expansion cannot be ignored. These effects have not been adequately addressed in the studies presented to the Board to date. As such, we ask that you deny the plan for expansion of the Ontario County Landfill in Seneca New York.

Please deny the request for dump expansion and preserve the health and livelihood of the land.

Thank you in advance for listening to your citizens.

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