Prison for dog abuser from Tulcea

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Demand authorities to investigate horrific and unprovoked dog attack in Romania

In May 2018, a member of the public ruthlessly and barbarically strangled, beat and tortured a female dog in Tulcea, Romania.

Dog abuser caught on surveillance cameras (warning: strong video content!)

The sickening act of violence was caught on surveillance cameras by a local store owner who promptly reported the savage attack to the relevant authorities in Romania. So far, this atrocious abuse has been ignored.

The dog, who had ventured away from her 8 puppies where they were living under a construction site, sat watching the man as he petted his own dogs in his front garden. She then ventured towards him, wagging her tail when he reached out as if to pet her.

The man then unexpectedly and aggressively grabbed her and commenced a ferocious attack which lasted over 5 minutes and included strangling with his hands and a rope, crushing her neck with his knees and trying to remove her eye with his fingers. At the end of the footage, she lies motionless and appears dead as he drags her off by a rope around the neck.

The store owner who captured this criminal act on camera reported it to authorities in Tulcea, Romania, where the attack took place, and although they are obliged by law to respond within 30 days, she got no response. The total lack of reaction from the authorities, when presented which such damming evidence, is outrageous and we need to mount public pressure to galvanize them to act. The perpetrator is now roaming free and represents a huge danger to other animals and potentially other humans.

By some miracle, the dog survived but she must have been unimaginably scared during the attack. Afterwards, she reportedly lay nursing her puppies for 4 days without eating. ROLDA, a Romanian dog rescue charity, rescued both the mother dog and her 8 pups and they are now safe in their shelters in Galati. She is very scared, particularly of men, but is making slow progress. ROLDA has reported this atrocity to City Hall In Tulcea and also alerted the relevant authorities in the local town and the Romanian capital, Bucharest. The silence from these people, who are supposed care and protect, is astounding and worrying. If a dog attacks a person in Romania, they are caught and euthanized, so why are laws not enforced when people attack dogs or other animals?

The law is very clear in this regard: any act of cruelty towards animals is punishable with a prison sentence between 3 months and 1 year. The evidence on the surveillance camera could not be more clear, this brutal man needs to be brought to justice. ROLDA supporters demand appropriate punishment for this vile dog abuser!