Army veteran was facing life in prison for protecting his service dog.

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 The integrity of the justice system is based on everybody following the rules.

In Sept 2012, I was indicted with false evidence on 3 felonies and facing 25 years to life in prison. My crime? Protecting and defending a 14th-month-old Military Working Dog (excess) and myself from a neighbor's 5-year-old hunting dog that ambushed us in the middle of the street at night.

This was exculpatory evidence suppressed and withheld by Williamson County.

Round Rock Police 911 call.

** **

My service dog and I were ambushed from behind by a dog owned by Billy & Amber Rodgers. The Rodgers and their friends lied to police and the media about the incident. Billy Rodgers mother is Pam Rodgers, and she is a director for the Texas Attorney State Generals Office. She lied to protect her son and daughter in law.

Billy Rodgers, Amber Rodgers, and their friends were too busy getting drunk and smoking weed while their dog was outside, unleashed and unsupervised. Their dog Rusty charged off their property and made several attempts to bite my dog in the middle of the street.

Judge Ken Anderson presided over my case and violated my civil rights.

(Google Ken Anderson - Michael Morton case)

Judge Ken Anderson, DA Jana Duty, and Prosecutor Elizabeth Whited abused their position as public servants to break the law. This Round Rock 911 call was suppressed by DA Jana Duty, Prosecutor Elizabeth Whited, and others. Even though this 911 call doesn't paint a complete picture of how intense and chaotic this situation was. It does show I acted in self-defense of my service dog and myself.

Billy Rodgers and his wife Amber caught on Cedar Park Police video collaborating to lie on police statement.

Billy Rodgers lies the during the entire video, at 30:00 is when the Cedar Park Detective asks him if he had any more contact with me after the 11 Aug 2012 birthday party. Billy Rodgers nods his head "NO".

Important dates to my case:

11 Aug 2012 - Last contact with Rodgers at a birthday party for 4 yr.

29 Aug 2012 - Date I picked up Aalice aka Alicia from Lackland AFB

2 Sept 2012 - Date the Rodgers dog Rusty charged off its property and tried to bite Alicia multiple times. Where I was forced to use deadly force in self-defense.

My case was a self-defense case involving a dog attack that snowballed into public corruption, color of law abuse, racism, and civil rights violations.

** Aalice aka Alicia not only "NEVER" met the Rodgers dog, Rusty! **

** Alicia "DOES NOT" play with other dogs! **

Here is a recent example of Alicia not playing with other dogs.


Here is a 2 part KVUE news broadcast of the Rodgers lying to the media, claiming that their dog was only being friendly. Even the news reporter Jessica Holloway gets caught lying about facts in the case statement I dispatched the dog on the sidewalk in front of the house. Big difference from the middle of the street and the sidewalk.

Here is how KXAN news portrayal of the incident.

Here is FOX News portrayal of the incident.

Here is a comparison of how I was compared to New York Police Officers that injured innocent bystanders in a shootout by PJ Media.

Not one news media outlet has apologized to me or my family for this slanderous reporting.

The Rodgers and their close ties to the Texas Justice system, local law enforcement and friends in news media were able to paint me as a monster.

The Texas justice system disregarded my rights as a citizen. They disrespected me as a veteran. This is a huge cover-up and embarrassment to the Texas Justice system. Was Judge Ken Anderson not enough of a slap in the face to the justice system?

Gov. Rick Perry signed the Michael Morton Act on 16 May 2013 and it became law on 1 Jan 2014. The ink on this bill wasn't even dry yet and Williamson County was still up to their shenanigans.

They want citizens to obey the law, to have respect for the law. Yet it is okay for them to break the law.

This law does nothing to prevent corrupt District Attorneys or Prosecutors from suppressing and hiding evidence. There is no punishment for them to abuse the law and deny citizens due process.

They can ruin someone's life, destroy their reputation and honor and just walk away.

Prosecutors across the country abuse this right.

It is situations like the one I found myself in that makes people outraged. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you. As long as there is corruption in our justice system. Our country will never heal.

Double standard's in the law does "NOT" build trust or respect. It destroys everything good that was laid out beforehand. You betray the trust of the people and you gain nothing.

As a soldier, I took an oath to protect our country and our Constitution. Yet these people stole from me the very right I swore to protect. I gave 23 years of faithful service to our country and the United States Army and this is how Texas repays my service.

In all ... several of my civil rights violated wrongful arrest. My property illegally surrendered and held for almost two years. And three felonies left on my record as dispose.

This petition is not just for me and my family, it is for every single person that has ever been dealt an injustice. Help me fight back and hold these bad apples accountable.

Greg Abbott and his staff have had more than four years to make an apology to me and my family. Instead of making things right, they doubled down on hiding this.

Elections are coming to this November, vote Greg Abbott out of office. He has clearly shown that he does not care about justice. Only protecting his buddies.

These people were going to let me rot in a prison cell for life. That takes a special kind of evil.

For anybody out there who witnesses an injustice and does nothing, you are part of the problem and not the solution.

It is going on 6 years and I am still waiting on justice for me and my family.

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Thank you all for signing my petition and sharing my message.


SFC Bing Michael Yee

US Army - Retired

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