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In April of 2011, authorities were called to Sanctuary Animal Refuge in Port St. Lucie, Florida. When they got there what they found was, according to them, the most outrageous case of neglect they had ever seen. Hundreds of dogs and cats were living in their own feces and urine, covered in sores and mange, crawling with fleas and maggots and not even getting the most basic of care. Dozens of animals were missing and unaccounted for. As if this was not enough of a tragedy, it was then discovered that Ms. Palena Dorsey, the executive director of the Sanctuary, diverted hundreds of thousands of dollars that were bequeathed for the care of these animals for her own personal use. She let these animals suffer in unimaginable conditions while she bought a new house, cars and RV for herself and lavished gifts on her family with funds given to the Sanctuary for the care of these poor animals.

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  • Judge Gary L. Sweet presiding over Palena Dorsey Case

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