Please help us to stop the animal abuse in the Barcelona's dogs&cats shelter.

Please help us to stop the animal abuse in the Barcelona's dogs&cats shelter.

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Janet Sanz (Tinent d'Alcalde de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona)

Por qué es importante esta petición


There are dogs locked up for days in cages like holes, deficient and disturbing.

Definition: "The animal abuse includes behaviors that cause unnecessary pain or stress to the animal, ranging from negligence in basic care to torture”. The dogs of the CAAC OF BARCELONA (Animal reception center of Barcelona) SUFFER FROM ABUSE.

The managers of the center: A. O., J. V. and R. P. have not offered improvements for more than 6 years, the service plummets, there is no game and socialization option in the courtyards for the animals. The dependence on the volunteering is total to avoid behavior disorders, immune deficit and emotional suffering.

The cadre of volunteers suffers a severe unprecedented strangulation. The worst figures since 2004. The excuse is the adaptation to the Catalan regulations in this area.

 The daily existence of animals and volunteers is reaching dramatic limits. Even different councilors in the last four legislatures have denounced it.

 Neither Ethogrup nor the Company of animal gathering (and not animal rescuing) in the urban environment have been able stop the decline of the conditions in which the dogs are kept.

     We demand a radical transformation in the management, this is:

  1.      Guarantees of physical, psychological and social well-being to dogs and cats of the CAAC. 
  2.      Accessibility, training and support for the volunteering. (There is an open complaint to the union of Greuges of the city in this regard).
  3. Effective campaigns of reception and adoption of dogs and cats. (no useless plans to meet legal requirements)
  4.      Implementation of a special plan against the breeding, abandonment, and mistreatment of Potentially Hazardous Dogs for both, owners and institutions.
  5. More and better supervision, training and commitment of the personnel hired, especially the veterinary staff.

     If it hurts you that the dogs and cats of Barcelona suffer unjustifiably, please sign this petition for the substitution of the actual managers of the CAAC. This center needs different people; prepared and with a real vocation.

      The CAAC cannot be the failure of the City Council that with its “modern” management has contributed to its degradation.

     Being a public place, we invite the people, the media and the political opposition to check each of the terms of this text.

The changes must be imminent, verifiable, significant and irreversible.

126.528 personas han firmado. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 150.000!