Protect the horses in Chania from unnecessary suffering and cruelty

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Protect the horses in Chania from unnecessary suffering and cruelty

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Jody Knowles started this petition to Natassa Bobolaki Νατάσα Μπομπολάκη (President of Panhellenic Animal Welfare Environmental Federation.) and

As a UK citizen who lived in Crete for 3 years, I would dread going into Chania down near the harbour, as I would feel so much sorrow in the summer months seeing the poor horses being used to drag carriages and naive tourists around the area in the blazing heat and sun.

In temperatures of over 40 degrees and rising, the horses are sweating and tired, yet the Greek owners whip them into one more tourist ride after another. This has become a trade for them at the expense of the loyal and exhausted horses.

Once in the middle of the day, at 42 degrees, I approached the owner of one of these poor beautiful creatures and asked if he felt ok sitting in the shade under the umbrella his horse was tethered to. He said yes, isn’t it hot? I asked why he was shaded under the umbrella yet your poor horse has to endure this heat without shade or water. His reply? Horses do not feel the heat and he knew best.

You cannot argue with the individual business owners, so the best way to help end this unnecessary abuse of the animals is to try and make changes at Government level, so that they no longer allow permits for this 'tourism' business and the horses no longer have to endure this awful life. The horses are transported to the harbour at 0930 each morning from May to October, and have to work continuously until past midnight. They are lucky for water breaks, but never get any shade. We have seen horses with open wounds pulling carriages. Just put yourself in that life even for one hour?

During the winter months they stay inside small stables, never let out and with only basic food. They arrive at the harbour in May very thin, with the bare minimum to keep them alive.

We MUST educate tourists not to pay for these rides; don’t allow your children - our next generation, to believe this is ok.

We have attached some associations in Crete which we ask everyone to plead with to stop this inhumane act. It may be legal but that does not mean it is right. We have to stop using animals as a commodity and find ethical ways to find an income.

A recent newspaper article in Crete only last week showed a horse collapsed because of dehydration and abuse. It's time we stood together and made changes for the voiceless!
The Dimos is the local government in Chania - Please can everyone send an email to both Natassa Bobalaki (President of the animal welfare society in Chania) and the Dimos below to ask them to stop the cruelty and wake up - its 2017! CHANGE MUST HAPPEN!

The time has come to help the horses of Chania. Laws must be changed, permits must be withdrawn.
Natassa Bobolaki Νατάσα Μπομπολάκη president of Panhellenic Animal Welfare Environmental Federation. Telephone: 6976489349

Αναστασία Βυσσίνου-Μπομπολάκη Also Facebook: Pan-Hellenic Animal Welfare Federation / Πανελλήνια Φιλοζωική Ομοσπονδία E Mail: 28213-41767
Mayor .Tasos Vamvoukas
Mr Georgios Xanthoudakis, deputy mayor of Chania

Recent article about recent suffering and horse incident

Ανησυχία στον κόσμο
Αναστάτωση επικράτησε στο Ενετικό Λιμάνι όταν άλογο που έσερνε άμαξα, κατέρρευσε την ώρα που έκανε βόλτα, αργά το απόγευμα του περασμένου Σαββάτου μπροστά στα έντρομα μάτια θαμώνων και περαστικών.
Το ζώο χρειάστηκε έναν κουβά νερό και αρκετές προσπάθειες για να συνέλθει, ενώ σοκαρισμένοι Βρετανοί και Γερμανοί τουρίστες αποδοκίμασαν έντονα τον οδηγό για τις συνθήκες διαβίωσης του αλόγου.
Στο μεταξύ, από καθαρή τύχη δεν υπήρξαν τραυματισμοί αφού η περιοχή ήταν γεμάτη

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