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Please HELP us put an end 2 the brutal DAILY TORTURE of 6000+ animals!


WHY is best explained with some details of the original investigation that then launched an official, ongoing USDA investigation:

"The three-minute video shows ferrets with gaping wounds, internal organs protruding from their rectums, and infected, bloody eyes and mammary glands. Newborn ferrets drag themselves along the floor of the facility after falling through their cages...."

- from the original investigation video

“When I entered barn three to care for weanlings, I noticed a strong smell of rotting flesh. I scanned the cages … and found a dead ferret within the group of ferrets ...The ferret's remains looked as if they were melting or liquefying”

“In picking her up to check for signs of a staph infection, I gently touched her forehead.....Almost instantly, her eyes seemed to explode”
- taken from the original investigator's notes  


WHY R these MONSTERS still caring for 7000+ animals!!?!? 

The morals of this company are pretty calloused over, so we can’t “cut” them there.  We need to “Cut” these people where it will hurt.  IN THE POCKET!  Demand a cessation of ALL government contracts with the monsters of Triple F Farm and cut off their $$$$.  



PLEASE S&S any and all anti-Triple F Farm petitions <3



Ongoing USDA investigation: (company registration #17976)

PETA investigation notes that launched the USDA investigation:

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  • Director, National Institutes of Health
    Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D.
  • NIH Office of Acquisition, ORFDO, director
    Melissa Richardson

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