Federal Petition to protect child victims of uncharged Hit and Run offenses.

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On Aug. 19th my 13 year old Son was accidentally run over by a school teacher who then brought him home and left him broken and bleeding on my sidewalk. She did not call 911, she did not come to my door or find another adult to help or report the accident or declare herself at the time. She left him without aid well aware that he was not able to walk and he was bleeding. She merely handed him a towel for the blood. She came forward later when she found out police had been called and changed vehicles before coming forward. This incident should have been considered a hit and run based on her actions and leaving the scene without declaring herself but no charges were laid against this Law 12 Teacher at Semiahmoo Secondary. The police have stated this is NOT considered a Hit and Run. We wish to lobby the Federal Government to amend Section 252 of the Criminal code of Canada (Failure to stop) so drivers are obligated by law to immediately report, seek medical attention and remain with injured minor until help arrives otherwise it will be considered a hit and run offense. My son only had deep wounds and three broken bones in his foot but this could mean life or death for the next child in a similar situation.