PBS funding for alternate CANCER therapies

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As published on Cancer Council Australia's website, 1 in 2 Australian men & women will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85 and currently, the only choice of subsidised treatment options for cancer patients is chemotherapy & radiotherapy. 

Dr Charlie Teo (Australia’s leading Neurosurgeon) believes that flattening the Immune System with Chemotherapy & Radiation are archaic & brutal forms of therapy. Alternate treatments such as Immunotherapy and other forms of natural or complementary therapies should ultimately be the choice of the cancer patient and NOT the Government.

Cancer Immunotherapy is based on and an expansion of the comprehensive strategy developed in Germany at the world’s first hospital specialising in the treatment of advanced and standard-therapy resistant cancers. Immunotherapy essentially restores the body’s own complex immune and defense mechanisms to recognise and destroy cancer cells. This unique medical protocol is highly personalised and can be combined with gene-targeted and special standard cancer therapies.

Consequently, this petition is in support for Immunotherapy and other alternate forms of treatments such as Stem Cell Therapy, Cannabis Oil, Hyperthermia, Intravenous Vitamin C & Curcumin infusions & Cancer Cell Lab Testing (CTC/RGCC) to be ALSO made available to all cancer sufferers via the PBS. These treatments have tremendous clinical & biological benefits on a vast range of cancer types however our government refuse to subsidise the costs. Consequently, many cancer patients seeking these alternate forms of treatment are having to pay tens of thousands of dollars which is all out of pocket expense. The cost is prohibitive for many which ultimately results in cancer patients only having access to Chemo & Radiation therapy which are both highly toxic forms of treatment.

No more Australians need to die of this terrible disease waiting for our country to get with the times so please help us in signing this petition to have these alternate treatments placed onto the PBS so that cancer patients at least have a choice outside of Chemo &/or Radiation.

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