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Norway has a very small population of wolves - only 20 -25. There are authorized to shoot  8 wolves.

The Norwegian wolves who these days will be hunted down without mercy, are victims of a political sheep trade. Hatred against predators bring the rich world's extremely poor tolerance to the troublesome nature of relief. It is poor that Norway as one of the world's richest countries have not really leave room for the wolf.

- The decision to shoot the majority of just 20-25 wolves that live firmly in Norway, the fetus based on feelings and political considerations. It is a fact that the small wolf population does not mean anything for sheep in the Outfield.

The truth about the hunt could be seen on Norwegian TV. A hunter said: "...I hunt foxes and hares, so we want the wolf away from the woods so we can hunt without wolves in the area...and our dogs can be safe when we take them out into the forest."

It is a big shame for Norway that lust and money count more than lives. 

Letter to
Public Administration Parliamentary Ombudsman
Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg
Minister for the Environment Bård Vegar Solhjell
It is with great sadness I learn that Norway has given permission to shoot 8 wolves out of a very small population of just 20 to 25 wolves.

The reason should be the protection of sheep and reindeer. It is proven that this small population of wolves cannot do much damage in these animals.
Instead came the truth on Norwegian TV where a hunter said he loves to hunt foxes and hares, and there will be less to hunt, if also the wolf is there.

The first wolf shot down was radio-labeled. It was wounded and only after half an hour hunters put an end to its suffering. How can a radio-labeled wolf be shot? Why was he radio-labeled if it not was for observation and protection. Who control the wolf?

It is shameful that one of the richest countries in the world with a small number of inhabitants cannot accommodate its native and magnificent predators. Norway is a big country with room for everyone.
Norway has created an image of herself as a nature conservation nation that supports among other rainforest and orangutan. This picture is crackled with desire to eradicate own wildlife.

I ask you earnestly to stop this senseless hunting of a critically endangered animals. The wolf is an important part of our eco-system and there are very few left in the North.
This hunt will have a major impact on your tourism as animal friends from all over the world will boycott a country that eliminates animals purely because of lust and money.

In hope of understanding of the importance of preserving our predators, I thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


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