Support an AIDS memorial in Green Park Darlinghurst in memory of the AIDS epidemic

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Please support the construction of an AIDS memorial in Green Park Darlinghurst, in memory of those lost from the AIDS epidemic. 

This initiative is based on an idea from Sydney Artist Christopher Lewis, with support from Darlinghurst local Mike Galvin together with the Darlo Darlings Facebook Group for residents, businesses and friends of postcode 2010.

Green Park is a place of great sadness for many who lost and cared for partners, lovers and friends who have lost their lives to AIDS since the 1980’s. Its proximity to the hospital offered at times comfort, along with devastation and denial. So many mixed emotions in a time where acceptance was also a massive issue in society. We have the opportunity to create a symbolic place of remembrance, that will bring people joy, and outshine the darkness which was the AIDS epidemic. 

A memorial would mean so much to the community and families to have a place that acknowledges their loss and this epidemic that swept unforgivably through Sydney’s community, across Australia and the world. 

We propose that a memorial be built by way of a reflective water feature. One that will enhance Green Park as it is today, and that creates a peaceful place that everyone can enjoy built on the memories of those lost. 

The City of Sydney has been very supportive of the community for many years. This petition is to demonstrate the communities support for such a memorial, for us to present to the City of Sydney to consider. Please note that the City of Sydney has not previously been presented with this idea, nor have they rejected the concept.

Please sign this petition and support what will provide not just a place of remembrance and reflection, but also a beautiful place for future residents to enjoy, and remember such a life changing place in time. 

This petition will be presented to the City of Sydney and our local state members for consideration. 

Thank you! Mike Galvin for the Darlo Darlings Facebook Group and Artist, Christopher Lewis