Stop zoning change that will allow intrusive development in historic DG neighborhood

Stop zoning change that will allow intrusive development in historic DG neighborhood

September 1, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Joe Birkett

On Sept 12th, the Downers Grove Plan Commission will consider a zoning change that will allow the development of a 4 story (46 ft) mixed use building (24 apartments and commercial space) at 4915, 4919, and 4923 Main Street.  The zoning needs to be changed from its current Downtown Business (DB) designation to a Planned Unit Development (PUD) to allow the development to proceed.  This impacts residents specifically because it doesn't meet the rear and side setback requirements in its current zoning, which are in place to protect the neighbors. Special approval is also required by the plan commission to allow multifamily in DB zoning, which is very intrusive to the adjacent single-family homes.  The commercial space is expected to be a 4,900 sq ft restaurant (300+ capacity), with outdoor dining up to the very edge of the property line.

We reject the zoning change that would allow this development because:

  • It’s not fair and equitable to the immediate neighbors.  To change the zoning would remove the protections for the surrounding residents specifically:
    • A proposed violation of rear setback by 43 feet (structure only 3 ft from property line)
    • A proposed violation of side setback by 39 feet (structure only 7ft from property line)
    • Outdoor Dining up to the property line of single-family homes
  • It will severely impact all the surrounding neighborhoods due to changed traffic patterns and the building’s lack of adequate parking (specifically for a 300-person restaurant). As Main St is reduced from 4 to 2 lanes, this will continue to congest North-South flow
  • The lack of time between notification and voting, as it did not allow for a fair and thoughtful village-wide conversation

We believe any zoning change should seek widespread public input to ensure the right development will be chosen for Main St. that will be fair to the immediate neighbors; and that will pay homage to the essential character, history, heritage, architecture and other unique qualities that are Downers Grove.

Please join us in signing the petition below and call or email the Mayor and Village Council to let them know how this development will impact you today!

Find out more at

Mayor Bob Barnett          630-493-8807

Commissioner Leslie Sadowski-Fugitt      630-493-8802

Commissioner Rich Kulovany      630-493-8801

Commissioner Chris Gilmartin     630-493-8803

Commissioner Danny Glover       630-493-8812

Commissioner Greg Hosé             630-493-8811

Commissioner Nicole Walus         630-493-8808

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Signatures: 1,480Next Goal: 1,500
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