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Please Help Save Sadie The Pit Bull!

Please sign this to help keep Sadie alive. She doesn't deserve to die.


To all dog lovers, Pit Bull owners or anyone with a big enough heart and the ability to see that Sadie deserves a 2nd chance and should not be destroyed. Please watch the videos, read the petition and then please sign this petition if you agree. Thank you.

There is more to this story than what the world saw on the news. And in case you didn't see it on the news here are the links:


Weds Jan 4, 2012


Thurs Jan 5 2012


Sadie is a 5 + year old Pit Bull. Because of all the hype about Pit Bulls attacking kids, in the eyes of the universe she is already guilty without trial, just because of her breed and regardless of the circumstances. If it had been Sadie's intention to harm this child, no chihuahua or anyone could have probably stopped her from doing so. It's real sad that this Chihuahua died but Sadie doesn't deserve to be put down because of this. If Sadie was any other breed I don't believe she would be in danger at all of being destroyed because of this. This was an unfortunate incident and it was an isolated incident. This was her first and only offense in her whole 5 years of life. One unfortunate incident should not warrant her death or classify her as a vicious killer.

Sadie has always been a very loving and friendly dog. She is a family dog who loves to play with kids and has been raised around them all of her life. She loves to run and play like most every dog does. She has never bit or attacked another human or dog before or even attempted to. Sadly though a few days ago, she did the unthinkable. Now, she is guilty of killing a Chihuahua but she was also accused of attacking a child - which never happened. The child was never touched. Even though there is no excuse in the world for this, there were extenuating circumstances for her getting loose and this happening.


Sadie has been raised in the house from a pup and is only outside for short bathroom breaks and when being taken for a walk. On this particular day she was taken outside and put on her lead for her bathroom break. Not long after this she got scared and broke loose from her harness because there were some line men who were cutting branches off of the power lines and they were letting them drop down on the ground. Apparently too close to her. When she broke loose she then ran out of her back yard. She has never broke loose from her harness before but she was scared and was trying to run from these men and the falling branches. Yes, even Pit Bulls get scared.

The news story that aired on Wednesday night claims Sadie ran into a neighbors house, attacked a child and killed a family dog. This is not entirely true. Yes, she is guilty of killing their Chihuahua but Sadie never touched or harmed their child in any way. Although the family was adamant in their claim on the news that Sadie was going to attack their little girl they didn't mention anything about Sadie running into their house barking and growling with her hair up or teeth showing, like a vicious attack dog would do. I'm sure I would have made that point quite clear when I told my story to the news. They just assumed. Because Sadie is a Pit Bull, they assumed she would automatically attack their child. This is sterotyping the dog. If there was anybody or any animal trying to come into my house that I didn't invite as they claim they didn't invite her into their home well then I don't think I would be standing there with the door open and allowing that to happen. If I had to throw my body if front of my loved ones to protect them then that's what I would do. If I was attacked in the process then I would know that was definitely the intention of whatever was coming through my door.


They also said they never saw Sadie before. But the truth is Sadie has lived a couple of doors away for over a year now. She used to live 2 doors away and then moved 1 house further down the street. Sadie has been walked past their house numerous times. And on several occasions their chihuahua has been seen out in their yard - running freely in and out of their house because they have left their screen door open. Nobody can say why Sadie ran into that house. It is all speculation. Maybe she just wanted to play because she has seen the chihuahua before, she loves to play and she loves kids. Nobody knows the truth but Sadie.

It's really sad that this happened and they lost their dog but a LIE is a LIE even if EVERYBODY believes it and the TRUTH is the TRUTH even if NOBODY believes it.



Because Sadie is classified as one of the MANY vicious breeds a petition has been started to have her destroyed. It states that she is vicious and deserves to die because she killed a family pet and "almost" attacked a child. Sadie deserves to LIVE NOT DIE! Two wrongs don't make one right. Killing Sadie won't bring their dog back. This was her 1st and only offense and she deserves a 2nd chance. This was not a brutal or vicious attack like it was reported. She did not tear this dog apart or to shreds. She grabbed the chihuahua and it died. Unfortunately, it was one bite that killed it. Any large dog could have done the same thing. She didn't attack a person and she doesn't deserve to die just because the claims are that her breed is capable of it. Most human murderers do time and eventually get off on parole. They are not always executed for their crimes which are usually much more brutal. Why should this dog not be given the same consideration? If she could do restitution she would because we know she didn't mean to harm this chihuahua. Sadie's owner has been cited and since a child or person was not harmed this should be sufficient. The owner is very sorry this happened but he cannot undo what has been done. He was not negligent or being irresponsible because she broke free. He has never let her run free and has always kept her in house or on lead.



Not every dog is vicious. Dobermans, Rottweilers, Chow Chows, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Pitbulls, Mastiffs, Akitas, Huskies, Boxers and Dalmations all have been known to have a bad reputation for being vicious. Does this mean that every single dog born into these breeds will be vicious and attack? No, It is all in how they are raised. Just because a dog is part of a certain breed does not make them vicious. It's not right to stereotype humans, and it's not right to stereotype animals. Blame the deed, not the breed. Any dog can be a menace, and breed specific legislation is not fair to any party involved. More small breed dogs, such as Poodles and Chihuahuas, are responsible for bites than the larger breeds. The only difference is a larger breed dog causes a bite that has more potential to harm. Like humans, each dog is different AND SHOULD BE JUDGED ON ITS OWN MERIT. People are against racist profiling in people so how is this ok for dogs??!! Ethnic profiling is a huge no-no--saying all people of a nationality are a certain way. Generalities don't work for people and they don't work for dogs or any other animal either!!!! It is small and simple minded!!! It comes from prejudice and fear and a lack of education or knowledge. In every breed, there are some bad dogs, just like in every society there are bad people. Maybe you should go to the home of a person that keeps a Pit Bull as a pet, and then you would see that a Pit Bull that has not been beaten and starved makes a great pet. Just research a little more, give them a chance. Pit Bulls are just like children, they have what is put into them. If they are taught to fight, they will fight. If they are treated well, they make a wonderful dog. Sadie is a wonderful dog. And this is why we will fight til the end to keep Sadie from being destroyed.

It is unfortunate that this happened and it is always sad when an a family pet dies, whatever the reason for it may be. But taking Sadie's life will not bring this dog back.





Link to news article on Thursday:

This is what the news aired about Sadies owner.

DENISON, TX - Last night we told you about a family who says a neighbor's pit bull came into their home and killed their pet chihuahua, as it tried to defend a 5 year old girl. Police impounded the pit bull, but later give it back to its owner because it hadn't harmed a person. The owner was given 3 citations including harboring a vicious animal, but tonight, as Jalah Gray show us, the pit bull's owner is defending his dog.

"My dog is not a vicious dog, she's a family pet, she is the gentlest dog there is."

Shannan Smyithe says he was shocked when he came home Tuesday afternoon to find a mob of people on his front lawn.

"When I came home, that's when I noticed all these people at my front door, they were calling 911." said Smyithe.

Smyithe says when police showed up, he was told his 2 year old pit bull, Sadie, had gotten loose from her harness and attacked and killed a chihuahua inside a neighbor's home.
The chihuahua's owner says the pit bull was charging at their 5 year old girl when the chihuahua jumped in between to protect her.

"I'm very sorry that that dog died, if the child got mauled or hurt, then I'm pretty sure I'd be locked up right now and my dog would be dead." Smyithe said.

Denison Police Lieutenant Mike Eppler, says Smyithe will have to appear in court where a judge will determine what happens next.

"On the harboring a vicious animal, what will happen is there will be what we call a show cause hearing set up for the judge to determine whether or not the animal is a vicious animal." Lieutenant Eppler said.

Smyithe says he doesn't believe his dog ran inside his neighbor's home.
He says he's seen the chihuahua in the yard without a leash on several occasions while walking his pit bull.

"I think it was more when they opened the door, the Chihuahua ran out and saw Sadie, barked at her, and tried to go after Sadie, and you know a dog being a dog, she tried to defend herself." said Smyithe.

Smyithe says his Pit Bull has always been great with kids.

"Sadie is a family pet, you could bring 4 to 10 kids here and everyone of them she'd jump up on them and lick them to death." Smyithe said.

If a judge finds Smyithe guilty of harboring a vicious animal, he will be fined, and the dog could be put down.
No court date has been set yet.

Link to the first news article on Wednesday


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