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Please Help Rescue Freedom!

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A Husky dog named "Freedom" has been living on the streets of Soldotna, Alaska for 14 months during which time, City Authorities, including the Chief of Police and Animal Control, have made little to no attempt to humanely capture her.

For the past 5 months a collaborative effort for her safe and humane rescue has been underway by volunteers from "Straw for Dogs", "Mojo's Hope" and "Red Shed Racing". These efforts have culminated in reaching out to an EXPERT, Scott Amsel D.V.M, in Chemical Capture, who has graciously agreed to travel to Alaska to Save Freedom.

Today, 5 days before Dr. Amsel was scheduled to arrive, Chief of Police Peter Mlynarik forbid the rescue to take place. For 14 months the City of Soldotna has done little to address calls and other efforts to help humanly capture Freedom. The authorities have overlooked her, for months they sloughed off requests for help claiming they lack the proper equipment and sharp skills required to dart the dog and capture her safely.

After setting an entire team in place for the recovery, Dr. Amsel's offer to cooperate with Soldotna Police Personnel have been summarily rejected. Dr. Amsel has offered to train the local agency personnel with the proper and SAFE use of darting equipment enabling them to handle this type of situation in the future before other dogs are left to fend for themselves, starve or die.

Chief Mlynarik stated his intention is to "take whatever means necessary to get this dog off the streets" Clearly he has no qualms about killing Freedom to end the saga. Freedom has NOT bitten anyone nor does she fit the definition of a "Viscous Dog" as laid out by City Ordinances.

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