Exonerate an Innocent Man (William Miller) Revisit and reopen this case

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July 13,2004 A robbery was commited at the Petro Mart in Missouri in which and innocent man was Wrongfully convicted of armed Robbery and Sentenced to 30 years in prison in which he has already served 10 for something he did not do.We need Justice for the innocent! The Evidence that they have is completely bogus, the person in the still photo they have is twice the size of William.He was at home in bed when this incident occured, the other party involved served his time and also says william was not with him but his testimony was not used.he has also filed and injunction on William's behalf.The witness to williams where abouts also couldnt testify because she was his live-in girlfriend at the time. This man deserves justice for the 10 yrs he's lost away from his children,grandchildren he doesnt know and his family! He's lost his brother while incarcerated yet he continues to pray and plead his innocence! The person who testified against william was only saving himself from a robbery in which he commited and was given ammunity for his testimony in return. The people in this case have already served their time and been released in which they have no reason to lie on William and are willing to come forward and have written affidavits to prove he was not involved nor any where near the area the crime took place.