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Why would animal shelters make euthanasia CHEAPER then the cost to relinquish a pet!

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November 8, 2017 was an eye opener for me. I’m calling this  “Change For Chopper”  in honor of this sweet dog above with the sad cofused eyes. I'm so grateful I was in the right place at the right time to help this beautiful dog from a terrible fate. That day I discovered something that broke my heart. Relinquishing a pet at the shelter is more costly then euthanizing it. While the story below is “Choppers story” sadly this is the reality for many other beautiful animals that are taken to the shelters by their owners.

I was at the animal shelter picking up an emaciated stray dog in need of help when a man and woman walked into the front office. I turned around and complimented their beautiful Shiba Inu dog, my daughter has one so I recognized the breed. He shocked me by saying he was there to euthanize his 5 year old dog simply because it didn’t listen to him. He went on to say he'd euthanized three other dogs this year for similar reasons. My heart sank, I pleaded with him to relinquish the dog instead and give him a second chance. He responded with “it’s cheaper to put him down, why don’t you pay for it then.” So I did, I paid the $80 for Chopper to get that second chance. That's more then double what it cost to euthanize. He was willing to put down his devoted, loving, healthy 5 year old dog simply because euthanasia is cheaper then relinquishing. I immediately called my daughter who put Chopper and his story on Facebook. The response was tremendous! People everywhere wanted to save him. Chopper didn’t even spend 24 hours at that shelter before getting his new forever home. 

We can’t stop those that make a rash and very cruel decision to give up on their pet, but we can make euthanasia the less desireable choice by having a relinquishing fee LESS money then the euthanasia fee.

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