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Update 17/04/2016.

A GoFund has been started so we are able to raise a little help towards some costs needed with medical equipment that Andrea now requires, we have exhausted every avenue to raise this on our own without any assistance but with all other expenses we have not been able to raise what's required....

This was a suggestion of good will for our family to raise a little help and also show we are making every attempt to raise costs to help mitigate Andrea's medical costs that's associated from this accident, this is in no way an obligation for people to contribute, it is only for those who are able to spare a little...

If you are able to help a little or share it on for others it would deeply appreciated by our family and will go a long way in providing some much needed urgent relief, no amount is too small....

Please click link if you are able to help a little support towards our appeal, see news articles & updated video on Andrea's progress...

GoFund For The Garrison's 

Where It All Begins.

Writing on behalf of my family asking for support for a visa health waiver being exercised for my partner Andrea.

Together as a family we have resided for 3+ years on the north side of Brisbane here in Caboolture.

Andrea is an American citizen who came to Australia in Nov 2012.

We applied for our partner visa in 2013.

in Feb 2014 a horrible event occurred which brings our family here today.

Andrea's Story.

Andrea was in great health prior to arriving here in Australia in 2012.

Andrea was still in great health when we lodged our partner visa application in 2013.

In Feb 2014 our vehicle was struck behind at high speed by an Australian drunk driver who fled the scene here in our local town Caboolture.

The impact had such force our car was pushed through multiple yards from house 21, halting at house 25...

The drunk driver was eventually found and charged however very little result from our justice system....

Courier Mail (Scroll to see Andrea's Story)

SameSame Article

Andrea has suffered multiple injuries, neck and spine injuries, all which continues to require rehabilitation and therapy to help her slowly progress back to a normal functioning life.

This incident has shook the very foundation of our family, Andrea.

Our life as a family has not been the same since that horrible night.

Prior Andrea and I were just a devoted family caring full time for our autistic 22 year old daughter as we looked forward to our promising future together.

The accident has placed me in to full time care of my partner and our daughter.

Prior to this accident Andrea was a part of our community making Australia her home and has been a positive role model and influence in my daughters life.

Andrea worked previously in the USA in Juvenile Corrections field and had her goal set on expanding those qualifications further by completing her degree in Psychology (Alcohol and drug addictions), here in Australia whilst her visa process and work permissions were being finalised...

Andrea's previous and future skills would only be an asset to our community..

Andrea was a devoted member of our family and to her future goals here in Australia which has become her home.

As part of the final processing of her permanent stay Andrea had to undergo her health assessment in 2015.

We have been notified Andrea has not met her health requirement and may be considered for a health waiver.

This is an enormous fight for our family...

The costs of appeals, immigration lawyer fee's, applications, health checks, medical costs, medications, rehabilitation, therapy has all taken it's toll on us not just financially but emotionally as a family as we keep fighting to remain together.

Which brings our family here to the public asking for help.

We are a family that matters and we're desperately trying to remain as a family here in Australia.

This has been an enormous struggle emotionally, we feel our family is being held hostage to an unknown future right now.

Our family rests in their hands and on this decision.

Our Struggle.

Andrea has not met the health requirement because of the injuries sustained in the accident and now places her into the position as a cost on our medical system and disability services.

Which for me personally is very unfair as we have been trying to do this privately and alone as a family.

I have provided Andrea's care in our home.

Rehabilitation and therapy costs have thus far been privately covered.

We have been severely struggling to keep a roof over our head, with living costs, with medical costs, with legal fee's and with visa appeals and applications and have sold everything we own just to keep our family together and medically cared for.

Andrea does not have a health care card.

Andrea does not receive any Government payments.

As her partner my heart breaks.

A foolish decision to drink drive has not only caused Andrea to suffer daily in pain but it also has our future as a family in jeopardy. 

This accident has taken her prospects and prosperity and has left our family in a position of exposing our family life to the public for support to keep our family together.

We have never felt so alone and helpless as we do right now.

This was not Andrea's fault, this accident was caused in our country, our home, by one of our own citizens.

Why does our family also have to suffer the heartache of our family being torn apart for an irresponsible decision by a member of our community?

We are terrified our Government will turn their back on us and send Andrea back to the USA because of something which was not in her human control.

What has happened to our fair go policy?

How is this a fair go?

I ask you, is it a fair go to turn Andrea away from her home here in Australia and pull our family apart because another person was negligent in our country?.

Speaking for my family, it would be devastating.

Andrea is a large part of our world and this has been her home for almost 4 years.

For me to lose my partner I cannot deeply express into words the heartache it would bring, not only for me but for our daughter as well whom see's Andrea as her other parent and stable figure in her life now.

Our daughter requires stability, routine, familiarity, this is something that she would not understand with any rational thought of why they would take any of her parents away.

My partner Andrea needs me as her partner to care for her to help bring her back to the life she had prior to this entire horrible event.

Our family has been turned away, told it is not in our jurisdiction, we cannot help or support due to conflicts of interest .

Our family just needs a little support.

We're not here to cause any conflicts of interest.

We're just trying to keep our family together, here in our home Australia.

We hope we are able to express our situation so you are able to understand and help us on this journey.

Please share it on for others. 


 Our Message To Wyatt.

I ask if you could offer any assistance of support for a family in your community who are just trying to remain together and help us bring our plea to the department so we may be considered for a health waiver for Andrea and may continue on with our lives and look forward to a brighter future together.


Kindest Regards

The Garrison Family 

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