Please help establish a paper recycling system at Valley Stream High School.

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We, Syed Ali and Lily Huang, believe in the establishment of a paper recycling system. This system should be similar if not identical to the current water bottle system in place. Paper is used in large quantities at South and in modern society, so why not recycle paper. Some paper facts are listed. It takes an average of 5 liters of water to produce one piece of A4 paper. Teachers and Staff members spend time adjusting printers/copiers, sorting the papers, and finding them; on average, throwing away 17% of the printed material. Paper accounts for 25% of landfill waste and 33% of municipal waste. The amount of paper we use is scary. With recycling, we can make a difference.  Us and Grenelefe Recycling offers to recycle paper, cardboard and water bottles. The school can make money. Grenelefe Recycling charges $150 for the pickup but, they give you 3.55 cents per pound for your trash. We hope to schedule them to come at the end of the month so the amount of trash can pile up and balance each other out. We can also make some money. This money can be all split to Science Honor Society and to the Special Education Department. This new program will help and benefit the South community, like reducing our ecological footprint. This program can be a massive gain for South.
My partner and I want to try to make a difference in this world so that the generations to come can use it. This might be a small change but any change is better than no change.

We need change now not tomorrow! The earth might not be here for us tomorrow if we don't take care of it. Help us take care of the earth.It is not my home or your home but the earth is OUR home.

South, please help us establish a paper recycling center.

Addressed to
Ms. Maureen Henry                                                                                                    Dr. Bill Heidenreich

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