Please Help defend Maui Brewing Company!

Please Help defend Maui Brewing Company!

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Nahem Simon started this petition to Governor David Ige and

I need your help!

The Covid-19 epidemic has changed the world as we know it.  Countless beverage producers, from coffee roasters, to breweries, to distilleries, have turned part of their production schedule & capabilities into producing hand sanitizer. Maui Brewing Co. was no different. They saw there was a need, not just on Maui but on the whole series of islands of Hawaii where hand sanitizer was in desperate need.

That is the key word to this: DESPERATE.

In response, MBC remained committed to helping the islands. They freely shared the hand sanitizer they were able to produce quickly with the community, and donated over $25,000 worth to charities, first responders, emergency personnel and other essential heroes in the community in the hopes to do its part to help.

Even though his business was crippled, especially with the sit-down-restaurant side of business closing, Garrett Marrero and his team distributed hand sanitizer with the purchase of any product (food, N/A options, merch, spirits, or beer), while still gladly giving it away to whomever showed up, purchase or not. Instead of applauding his efforts, the Liquor Board of Hawaii immediately began an investigation, without warning nor courtesy communications after his many years of working alongside them, in an attempt to hinder his efforts.

Now after an ‘investigation’, the Department of Liquor Control of Maui County is charging him with a violation and he stands to face a fine, suspension of liquor license, or worst of all: his license being revoked, possibly extinguishing the fire of passion and community of the vision of Maui Brewing Co. Garrett’s compliance with Department of Liquor Control rules & regulations has always been immaculate & somehow now, his good deed is going to be punished!!!

Maui Brewing Co., the hundreds of employees, & Garrett need your help!!!! 

Please help & rally behind Garrett & his ‘Ohana.

·      By signing this, you are showing that you support Garrett Marrero Maui Brewing Co., Island Sodas, Origin Coffee & Kupu Spirits.

·      You are telling the Department of Liquor Control that you are a witness to the work Maui Brewing Co. has done over the years.

·      You are testifying to the selfless efforts of Garrett & his team during this epidemic.

·      You are standing alongside Garrett, as your signature represents your being present at their hearing, since most likely, not everyone will be able to attend, especially during this pandemic.

·      Your signature states that you believe the Maui Department of Liquor Control is violating the right of Americans to help others and you demand they dismiss the investigation and stop this inquisition.

·      Your signature asks that the Liquor Commission allow Maui Brewing to be allowed to continue what they do: fostering wonderful experiences through their products.

The more signatures they get, the more they will show the Liquor Commission the support they have. Garrett has always worked alongside legislators to ensure changes to beverage laws to allow for growth & adherence to changing trends in beverage & hospitality. He saw that the future of hospitality was based on supporting local sustainable farms & offering the best quality of comfort food while working to aid local producers.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!