Please Do NOT allow off road motorcycle racing in one of the last remaining refuges of the endangered lace monitor in Victoria

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Local flora and wildlife including koalas and the endangered lace monitor lizard are under threat from a planning application to run off-road motorcycle racing events within significant remnant bushland in the farming zone in South Gippsland. 

Lace monitors were listed as endangered in Victoria in 2013 and there have been very few sightings in this area for years. Not until the proposed venue started being cleared (illegally) at the end of 2015 was a monitor lizard seen in surrounding farmland. 

Furthermore, loss of koala habitat and koala food trees (eucalyptus leaves) is the leading koala threat and numbers are reducing every year due to clearing of land.  It is estimated there is less than 1000 animals in the South Gippsland area. 

The area in question is an important biodiversity hotspot on private land. The approx.150 acres of bushland was largely preserved by the previous owner who sadly passed away four years ago.  Since then, the current owner, who is a member of a local motorcycle club, has cleared land illegally and held a major event without planning approval. This involved 250+ off-road motorcycles racing around the bush, causing habitat disturbance and excessive noise resulting in animals fleeing in fright.  This shows total disregard for local laws, wildlife, neighbours including a top 100 golf course, and the environment.

From discussions with Councillors, it appears this club has community support even though 25+ neighbours have objected to the application. This includes the Leongatha Golf Club that will be subjected to loss of amenity due to the significant noise levels and dust produced by traffic on the dirt access road.

The proposed application is not in accordance with State Planning Policy or Local Planning Policy in a number of areas and yet the application is to go to Council for approval. 

Please help STOP this planning application that threatens the endangered lace monitor lizard as well as the koalas, wallabies, kangaroos and wombats who inhabit one of the last pieces of remnant bush in South Gippsland.

Thank you for your support.