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Petitioning Governor Dewey Bryant

Please grant a full pardon for the Scott Sisters

Dear supporters,

REAL JUSTICE FOR THE SCOTT SISTERS We celebrate the release of Jamie and Gladys Scott from prison but it is not enough. They have been released on lifetime parole and are required t make payments to the State of Mississippi each month. They have already served 15 years in prison for an $11.00 robbery that they did not commit. This a parody of justice and we demand something better for Jamie and Gladys. Join us in asking Governor Hailey Barbour to grant a complete pardon to the Scott sisters. Join us in asking for real justice.

Letter to
Governor Dewey Bryant
Dear Governor Barbour,
While we applaud your decision to release Gladys and Jamie Scott from prison, real justice has not yet been achieved in this case. The sisters served over 15 years in prison for a crime that they did not commit, and for which the actual perpetrators were freed years ago. The Scott sisters are now serving life parole, while the perpetrators are not. The Scott sisters were sentenced to consecutive life sentences while the perpetrators of the crime served a few years. The Scott sisters continue to suffer severe legal consequences from this case while the perpetrators do not. Clearly this case continues to reek of injustice!
You have the power to correct this huge miscarriage of justice by granting Gladys and Jamie Scott a full pardon so that they may rebuild their lives (as the actual perpetrators of the crime have long since been able to do.) We ask you to exercise your authority to grant the Scott sisters a full pardon.


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