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Please give thanks to all the members and their families of OP UNIFIED PROTECTOR (Libya- NATO)

We are a group of people of varied ideologies, French, Libyan and other nationalities. We have all, individually been struck by the incredible courage it took for the Libyan people to rise up against a cynical and violent dictator. Convinced of the sincerity of the Libyan people’s aspiration for democracy and freedom of expression we have decided to mobilize ourselves. Because of the duration of the conflict, much of the enthusiasm has been diluted and the propaganda of Gaddafi is starting to win France and other allied countries. On this day of national celebration, we wanted to respond. 

We know who Gaddafi is, we know that he kills civilians, and we know why Operation Unified Protector is just.

Please sign this petition to give thanks to the Women and Men fighting to protect civilians, their mothers, fathers, wives, husbands and children.

Thank you.


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