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Please give thanks to all the members and their families of OP UNIFIED PROTECTOR (Libya- NATO)

We are a group of people of varied ideologies, French, Libyan and other nationalities. We have all, individually been struck by the incredible courage it took for the Libyan people to rise up against a cynical and violent dictator. Convinced of the sincerity of the Libyan people’s aspiration for democracy and freedom of expression we have decided to mobilize ourselves. Because of the duration of the conflict, much of the enthusiasm has been diluted and the propaganda of Gaddafi is starting to win France and other allied countries. On this day of national celebration, we wanted to respond. 

We know who Gaddafi is, we know that he kills civilians, and we know why Operation Unified Protector is just.

Please sign this petition to give thanks to the Women and Men fighting to protect civilians, their mothers, fathers, wives, husbands and children.

Thank you.


Letter to
Thank you to all the Women and Men who serve their Nations and a greater, higher cause – Humanity.
Thank you also to all the families who sacrifice the presence of their loved ones in the name of the protection of ordinary citizens of Libya.
Thank you to all the mothers who have a son or daughter fighting on the RIGHT side of history, defending women, men and children from indiscriminate shelling, snipers and other exactions by the Gaddafi regime’s forces.
We have all come together and you in particular have made the commitment of enforcing this higher cause.
The Libyan crisis has given each and everyone of us the opportunity to prove the exceptional qualities of « ordinary » people in extraordinary circumstances:

The liberation of a country from its oppressive regime and Dictator, who has not hesitated to use excessive military force against his own countrymen. The very men women and children, a leader is supposed to protect.

So, again, Thank you.
We hope one day to celebrate, as citizens of a free country, a Libyan Independence Day.

رسالة مفتوحة لجميع المشاركين في عملية "الحامي الموحد" . شكرا لجميع النساء والرجال الذين يخدمون باسم دولهم هدف أكبر وأعلى: الإنسانية.
نشكر أيضا جميع لأسر الذين يتحملون غياب أحبائهم لأجل حماية المواطنين الليبيين.
شكرا لجميع الأمهات التين لديهن ابن أو ابنة يجاهدون إلى جانب نساء و رجال وأطفال ضحايا القصف العشوائي ، والقناصة وغيرها من عمليات الابتزاز من قوات نظام القذافي.
وبهذا يقفون من أجل العدالة.
لقد ساندنا معا، وبالخصوص أنتم، تطوعنا من أجل هذه القضية العظيمة.

لأزمة الليبية أعطت لكل واحد منا الفرصة للتحقق من قدرة الناس لإثبات صفات استثنائية في ظروف غير عادية:
تحرير البلد من النظام القمعي والدكتاتوري الذي لم يتردد في استخدام القوة العسكرية المفرطة ضد شعب عان الكثير على مدى عدة عقود. هؤلاء الرجال والنساء والأطفال الذين من المفرود أن يستفيدوا من حماية حكامهم.
مرة أخرى، شكرا لكم. نأمل يوما للاحتفال معا بيوم الاستقلال الليبي.


Lettre ouverte à tous les participants à l'OPERATION UNIFIED PROTECTOR.

Merci à toutes les femmes et à tous les hommes qui servent leur nation et une grande cause – la cause humaine.
Merci aussi à toutes les familles qui endurent l'absence de leurs êtres chers partis au combat pour protéger les citoyens libyens.
Merci à toutes les mères qui ont un fils ou une fille qui se bat du côté juste de l'Histoire, défendant des femmes, des hommes et des enfants contre les bombardements sans discrimination, les tireurs d'élite et autres formes d'exactions par le régime de Kadhafi.
Nous sommes tous réunis et vous surtout, par l'engagement dans l'accomplissement de cette grande cause.

La crise libyenne a donné à chacun d'entre nous l'occasion de constater les qualités exceptionnelles que peuvent déployer des gens confrontés à une situation extraordinaire : la libération d'un pays soumis à un dictateur et un régime oppressif, qui n'a pas hésité à abuser de la force militaire contre ses propres citoyens, après les avoir maltraités pendant des décennies. Ceux-là même, enfant, homes et femmes, qu'un gouvernement est censé protéger.
A l'occasion des fêtes nationales commémorant indépendance, unité et liberté. Nous tenions à vous remercier et nous espérons célébrer un jour l'avènement de la démocratie et de la liberté en Libye.

List of countries participating in OPERATION UNIFIED PROTECTOR and their national holiday:

United States of America : 4th of July - Thank you
France : 14th of July - Merci
Jordan 25th of May - Shukran
Sweden 6th of June - Takk
Spain 12th of October - Gracias
Qatar 18th of December - Shukran
Norway 17th of May - Tusen Takk
Netherlands 5th of May - Dank U
Italy 2nd of June - Grazie
Greece 25th of march - Efcharisto
Denmark 5th of June - Mange tak
Canada 1st of July - Thank you; Merci
Belgium 21st of July - Merci, Dank u
Turkey 29th of October - Tawdi
Romania 1st of December - Multumesc
Bulgaria 22nd of September - Blagodarya
The United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates come together to celebrate at other times.

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