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My brother, John E. Milton, III is serving a federal sentence of 50 years for crack cocaine. He has been in prison since 1998, sentenced in the city of Baton Rouge, where statistics has shown that harsh and long sentences has been handed down for African American men.  John was never arrested for a crime and has no criminal history.  He was never caught with drugs and has no actual amount of drugs on legal documentation that he was sentenced from. He turned himself in to face whatever issues that faced him at that time. The District Attorney used defendants who were habitual offenders and looking for time off to support and build their case.   Just a little history about my brother "Who is John Milton?"  John was a high school graduate who wasn't a troubled student and actually did a good job in school.  He worked a part time job in the local Mr. Gatties pizza restaurant and later applied to college and was accepted.  During that time, he became a father and needed to step up into manhood.  He continued that part-time pizza job, put school on hold so he can raise his child and obtained a second job at Wendy's restaurant, did some construction and other odd jobs for support. As time went on, he worked and worked and felt that he wasn't providing like a father should.  He was later introduced to drugs as a way out; and as a young man, felt the need to get involved for only a little while to help with the expenses and to get back into school.  When we discovered that John was in trouble, we help to get him some legal assistance. Our selected attorney advised us to allow her to turn him in authorities and she will try to work him a deal since he had no criminal history and have just allegations of drug possession and distribution.  Our family and John followed her advice and felt confident that she was leading us into the right direction.  As time went on, and he was in court several times, she called my family and myself in to discuss that John agreed to the deal that they worked out with the district attorney for a 15 year sentence if he pled guilty and accept responsibility for this involvement with drugs. I was also on the phone (three way call) when she told John about the 15 year offer.  That wasn’t the best news, but according to the attorney, that was fair so we trusted her judgement.  He went to court for sentencing and the judge denied the 15 year agreement and sentenced him to 50 years in prison.  John has been there for since 1995 with many unsuccessful appeals.  How has my brother John made a change…Since John started his prison sentence he vowed to help others, complete his education and make a difference in the lives of those that need help.  John was blessed to start and is continuing to work with inmates who has little to no education to obtain basic reading and writing skills.  He has obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in Christian Education as well as his Masters in Christian Counseling.  He is currently obtaining his Doctoral degree in Christian Counseling through Christian Bible College and Seminary School.  He has gained great rapport with the prison staff, and the prison Chaplain who has allowed him the opportunity to be the prison facility minister. He has been blessed with the opportunity to oversee the weekly activities of services held in the chapel.  He is thankful that he had the opportunity to be a service for others in time of crisis and in need.  Because John has exhausted all of his appeals in our justice system, I am pleading for him to be pardoned or received clemency so he can continue his work and help save lives of young men who are dealing with situations such as he did on the street.   He wants to put his education and personal life struggles to  use and help keep young men and women out of the justice system while helping them to find a better way of life.  He also deserves to see and spend time with his children who were only one year old babies when he went to prison.  Please sign my petition to help support the efforts of my brother John Milton who is a nonviolent, 1st time drug offender who never had a criminal record until now and received a harsh 50 year prison sentence.  

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In a keynote address last week, Bill Clinton gave an unexpected apology for his involvement in what has turned into the national symbol of racial disparity and unfairness in the U.S. justice system, federal sentencing policy for crack cocaine offenses. "I regret more than I can say that we didn't do more on it," Clinton said. "I'm prepared to spend a significant portion of whatever life I've got left on the earth trying to fix this because I think it's a cancer." USA Today columnist DeWayne Wickham asked Clinton if he regretted not eliminating the sentencing disparity because of the imbalanced impact it has had on black communities. Clinton’s response, according to USA Today, was that it was "politically impossible" to get the reduction he sought through Congress, and added that the 1986 guidelines were a mistake that have taken a heavy toll on blacks.



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