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Please Football League, Give 3 promotion places to the Blue Square Premier League

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A move to 3 promotion and 3 relegation places, aka 3 up 3 down, between League 2 and the Blue Square Premier League would see Nick Clegg's 'fairness' at the heart of the people's game (remember that election rhetoric). Such a vote by the Football League clubs this summer would not only enhance passage up and down the pyramid, but it will help the flow of talent  and, champion the 'grass roots cause' that everyone plays little more than lipservice to.  


Yes the centres of excellence get a yearly wad of cash but 3 up 3 down will empower the non-league to do this to a far greater audience that is so far being kept out of the game.  The spotlight only seems to highlight the deficiency of natural talent going to waste whenever the National team has shot itself in both feet. An effective top 5 divisions would put more of an incentive into lads wanting to play the game - £400 a week and the chance of getting spotted is an attractive proposition in a recession.  It sends out the message that even though you may have slipped through the net at 16, a local Conference (National, North and South) club can give a player a second chance.


That extra place, or two would really fire the imagination fuelled by ambition and local pride and allow people to dare to dream without the fear of failure. 2 up 2 down is not fair is it Mr Clegg and it is most certainly not British. Everybody deserves a second chance. So come on the 72 and League committee, no handouts, just 3 up and 3 down to give us a sporting chance.

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