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Petitioning President of Egypt

Please don't let the animals suffer in your zoos

This petition has been started by Occupy for Animals on September 27, 2012.

Despite all our previous pleas to the CITES director and after several meetings of our Egyptian activist members with the responsible authorities, nothing much has changed inside the zoos and the animals in Egypt's seven governmental zoos continue to suffer terribly.

As our last resort, we are now turning to the President of Egypt asking him to intervene and to appoint a person to specifically ensure that the changes needed are carried out as soon as possible.

For further information, pictures, videos and press reports, as well as the links to other, related petitions, please visit:

By signing our petition, the letter that you can read below will be sent instantly to the President of Egypt.

We thank you very much, in advance, for signing our petition and for speaking up for the poor animals who are imprisoned in the governmental zoos of Egypt.

Letter to
President of Egypt
I have just signed the petition started by Occupy for Animals addressed to the President of Egypt

SUBJET: please don't let the animals suffer in your zoos

Dear Mr President,

We thank you for your time and attention to the matter of the Egyptian zoos and the conditions therein. Unfortunately, despite all our previous pleas to the CITES director, the animals in your national zoos continue to suffer terribly.

Those poor animals are forced to exist in squalid conditions, often with no fresh water and very little food. Enclosures are often strewn with discarded garbage, some of it harmful and dangerous to the animals, which is thrown in by zoo visitors and not cleared away by the zoo staff. Last but not least, the medical needs of these animals are still being ignored.

The following is a copy of the report made by one of our activist team members and as you can see, there is a lot of work that still needs to be done in order to provide these poor animals with at least the minimum requirements for a better quality of life in captivity. They did not ask to be caged and kept captive; the least we can do is ensure that their time there is not a continuous, daily misery. After all, the zoos are making money from their presence!

Report from a visit made on 19 September 2012:

- The African elephant was unchained, no substrates (sand or other)

- The Asian elephant is still chained, no substrates

- Chimps and orangutans in the chimps enclosure - no substrates of any type; no enrichment, just the concrete floors

- Fox enclosure, cat enclosure, swamp cat enclosure and raccoon enclosure: no substrates whatsoever. Foxes: 3 new or young Fennec foxes seem to have skin problems; no medical attention has been given

- Monkey enclosure: substrates are present but one of the monkeys seems to be injured or suffering; again no medical attention given

- Bear enclosure: many of the American black bears are missing, perhaps sold or swapped with other facilities? Where are those bears?

- I noticed substrates in the first enclosure, fans working but not in the last enclosure. Some water, but very little; not enough to make the chilling water system work, and basins are still not being filled with fresh water up till now.

- Zebra is still single, why? Zebras naturally live in groups!

You can see pictures and read more reports at the following link:

Dear Mr President, please appoint a person to specifically ensure that the changes needed are carried out as soon as possible. That these animals continue to suffer in this manner is totally unacceptable.

We would like to remind you that the director of CITES is also the director of Giza zoo, which is a total conflict of interest. While she remains in both positions, things will never improve. She is choosing to ignore all our previous direct requests, which is why we are now finally turning to you for help.

Mr President, you and your ministry are responsible for the care and welfare of these animals, and you are the ones that should be giving the orders for these changes to be made.

What happens in your zoos, is outright cruelty and blatant neglect, and is a shameful shadow over Egypt as a whole.

Animal activists from around the world are watching what is happening within the zoos and will continue to insist on these changes being made for the sake of the animals. We will not rest, and will continue contacting the media services until something is done.

Once again, thank you for your time and attention to this matter. We look forward to seeing these changes being implemented with immediate effect, so that improvements in the conditions at the zoos will soon be evident.

Yours faithfully,

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