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Create a special permit for owners of more than 3 pets to purchase.

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I am petitioning the city to raise the allowed pet ordinance from 3 to 4. When we where searching for a new place to live I searched and looked for city ordinances and we didn’t even look at houses in areas where we could not take our dogs. I could not find a pet limit for Hastings. Apparently it’s hard to find. We chose to move to Hastings with our 4 dogs. After almost a year we where contacted by the cities code enforcement officer and told we would need to get rid of one of our dogs. 

3 of our dogs are rescues. We fostered them for a rescue that we later found out was not ethical and rescued them from that hell. They where beaten abused, neglected, abandoned, emaciated, 1 had been hit by a car and couldn’t walk. We worked through rehabilitation and teaching them to live and trust again. We promised them they had a forever home and would never leave. I believe a pet is a lifetime commitment. Our pets are part of the family. They are all up to date on their vaccinations, heart worm and flea prevention.  

I know there are other people in the city who have more than 3 pets. I don’t think I should be singled out. I know there has to be limits. I know there are people who have way to many pets and don’t care for them properly. I believe there is a way to fix this. If the ordinance can’t be changed maybe they could offer a special permit that people with more than 3 pets could purchase providing the pets where current and up to date on vaccinations. This would provide extra revenue for the city as well as providing more animals with homes. Funds could also be donated to the humane society and the dog park. A portion could even be used to start a trap and spay/neuter program for stray cats. To ensure people don’t have to many pets they could be required to purchase a permit for each pet over 4 not to exceed a set amount. 

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