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Please cancel Sid the Science Kid's appearance at SeaWorld

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I just heard that Sid the Science Kid is scheduled to appear at SeaWorld this Sunday (October 26), and I'm shocked. As a parent to two young kids who love watching Sid the Science Kid DVDs we get at the local library, I can't understand why he would want to be connected with a company known to be cruel to wild animals. Please tell Jim Henson Company and PBS to cancel Sid the Science Kid's appearance at SeaWorld!

My kids are 4 and 5 years old, and they learn about animals without paying to see them in these artificial conditions at SeaWorld. They'll even say things like "Dolphins don't belong in pools, they belong in the ocean!" I think it hurts Sid's credibility to talk all about science and then be part of promotions that encourage wild animals like dolphins, orcas, and belugas to be kept in such cruel, tiny, fake conditions for tourism dollars.

If my children know better, how can Jim Henson Company not know better than to cozy up with SeaWorld?

I've signed petitions before that helped to convince many musicians including Willie Nelson to cancel appearances at SeaWorld. I know we can have a big impact if we act before this weekend!

I'm a busy parent and run a small business making children's accessories here in Florida. I can't make it to a protest outside of SeaWorld due to those commitments, but you and I can sign this petition to get Sid the Science Kid to cancel on SeaWorld. Please sign and share.

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