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Please Bring the 3D feature back to Samsung Flagship 4K TV's

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We are asking Samsung to please consider bringing 3D back to their future 4k television's. I along with many other loyal Samsung customers were very disappointed to hear that Samsung was taking this feature out of their 2017 4k Qled flagship line. Many of us have invested lots of money into 3D movies and have finally built respectable libraries and to have to throw that money down the drain would be unthinkable. 4k blu-ray and HDR is the new push and I totally understand that but I would not purchase my whole library over in 4k. but I have purchased 4k blu-rays but only ones that included a 3d Blu-ray Disc inside the box as this makes more sense to me.

Samsung should not be taking features or choices away from the consumer. My father waited excitedly for the introduction of the new 2017 Samsung TV's so he could finally buy a 4k television that would allow him to watch his 50+ 3D Bluray Disc collection he has spent years collecting and never gotten to enjoy. Imagine the disappointment on his face when it was announced that there would be no 3D in the new televisions, he immediately began to search desperately for a old 2015 UHD model that had the 3D feature (JS9000 - JS9500) etc. to no avail as many folks had the same idea. and sadly he ended up having to reluctantly purchase a 2016 Sony 4k TV that still offered 3D.

Samsung needs to know and understand that there are tens of thousands maybe more of their loyal customers that actually still care about 3D, people still go to movies to consume 3D content, and just about every major blockbuster coming out will be coming to the theater in 3D. And just when this technology has started reaching its pinnacle it doesn't make sense to do away with it. I would like folks who feel the same about 3D in our future Samsung products to make their voice heard and join me in the fight to get Samsung to listen to its loyal customers and hopefully bring 3D back as a feature because throwing money away is just not a option.

Thank you.

Ronald Jamar Champion 

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