Please invite back Matt Austin to guest star on "Power Rangers"

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Several websites have reported that the current 25th anniversary season of "Power Rangers", "Super Ninja Steel", will have "guest appearances of the most popular past Rangers".  We, the fans, were hopeful that one of the actors invited back to guest star on the show would have been Matt Austin, who played Bridge Carson on "Power Rangers S.P.D.".  Bridge has not been seen since his appearance as the new S.P.D. Red Ranger in the two "Once a Ranger" episodes of "Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive".  Unfortunately, it seems that Matt Austin was not invited to return as Bridge for "Super Ninja Steel".  We, the fans, would like to see Hasbro and Nickelodeon work out a deal with Mr. Austin to guest star on either the 2019 or 2020 "Super" season of the upcoming series "Power Rangers: Beast Morphers" and reprise his role as Bridge.

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