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In Denmark it is not illegal to have sex with animals!!!

Scandinavians with a penchant for sex with animals can find plenty of options right in their own backyard. There are no prohibitions on this sexual inclination in Denmark , though the latter is considering new legislation to ban it..

A veterinary examination found Wednesday stated that at least two female horses have been sexually assaulted in a field near Brabrand Lake west of Aarhus. The owner  found two of his horses with hind legs tied together. On the ground there was used condoms.  The Police says they take it seriously.  The true is  these criminals will be punished as thieves because they  had  encroached on  foreign soil . If the animals have not suffered physical harm, they will not be punished for animal cruelty.

This is so disgusting. Horses grazing peacefully is attacked by perverted psychopaths.
It is not enough that the police take it seriously. It must be banned now and these psychopaths should be punished just as hard as if it had been attacks on children.

According to current laws, as long as the animals are not suffering, the government has no problem with bestiality. Danish Internet sites openly advertise sex with animals without any fear of repercussion from authorities.

Major parties in the Parliament refer to that one should not legislate for something that one can not detect. This argument is insane. 

Please help to stop this.  Please sign.

Thank you


Letter to
Member of the Parliament Per Clausen
Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt
Minister of Interior Margrethe Vestager
and 4 others
Member of the Parliament Marlene Harpsoe
Member of the Europe Parlementet Dan Joergensen
Minister of Justice Morten Bødskov
Minister of Agriculture Mette Gjerskov
It is deeply disturbing to discover that sex with animals still is permitted in Denmark. It is deeply unethical, disgusting and extreme animal abuse.

Recently, two female horses have been severely sexually abused. Their legs were tied together so they did not have a chance to defend themselves.

Please read

No animal is for man to abuse it sexually. People who abuse a defenseless animal in this disgusting manner should be punished. Criminal frame should be aligned with the sexual abuse of children. Animals are just as innocent and defenseless like children.

Major parties as S, R K and V refer to that one should not legislate for something that one can not detect. This argument is so wrong.

It is shameful for Denmark and should be banned immediately.
Animal friends all over the world are upset by this and it can lead to massive boycott of Denmark..

Please let Denmark again be a country at the forefront of animal welfare and treatment.

As Mahatma Gandhi said: " The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated".

Thank you for taking your time to read this letter.


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