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The average statistics carried out by FSA state only 2% adults and 8% of children in the uk are effected by food allergies, however with the increase in people attending hospital due to an allergy and the fact that 3 members of my family alone suffer with anaphylaxis on a regular basis, I'm sure this statistic is dramatically low.

Most allergens can be avoided due to the FSA regulations on stating what is in the food, and this has been a massive help! However sadly palm oil and derivatives of coconut are in virtually everything! From sweets and chocolate, nearly every bread in supermarkets, butter, even beauty products like soap, shampoos and conditioners!

Its virtually impossible to avoid and I cannot eat any more. I struggle every single day to eat, last night I ended up in hospital due to butter stating vegetable oil, but palm oil was not included in the brackets! My tongue swells, I can breathe, my eyes, throat and neck swell and I'm choking, meanwhile my heart is racing, I'm coughing to try and breathe and panic sets in. It's like someone is choking you from the inside and there's nothing you can do about it.

I go to hospital at least 8 times a year due to an allergic reaction, I have a food phobia due to being so afraid of eating in case I have a reaction. The point is PALM OIL and COCONUT derivatives are NOT NECESSARY. They don't have to be used, it doesn't need to be in food, suitable alternatives are sunflower oil or olive oil.

Please BAN the use of palm oil, shea and coconut derivatives, not only are we killing orangutans by destroying the forest and their homes, but you are also killing me. Every day I put food in my mouth that contains palm oil I could die. Every day I don't eat because I can't find anything that doesn't contain palm oil I am dying. PLEASE support this campaign and save the forest as well as saving me.

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