Please Ask Louisiana State Officials To Stop Blatant Discrimination Against Exotic Animal Owners,Tiger Truck Stop, And Tony The Tiger

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Our constitution demands that all individuals be treated the same. In 2006, Louisiana passed legislation banning big cats & monkeys in the state. The Louisiana Exotic Animal Ban is discriminatory because it exempts colleges and (AZA) accredited zoos. LSU, the Baton Rouge Zoo ,and the Tiger Truck Stop all have exactly the same federal zoo license. AZA, a private non-profit organization and not a government agency, has been given exclusive rights to accredit zoos in Louisiana, but by creating a monopoly for the AZA they discriminate against other accrediting organizations. Tiger Truck Stop is licensed/approved by the USDA and accredited by the (USZA) which the state no longer recognizes. There is no legal basis to exempt one USDA Federally Licensed Facility over another. This is blatant discrimination, and is only one of the consequences of the law.

Some have maintained its an issue of public safety. Activists will continue to go after LSU's Mike the tiger as well. During the appeal hearing of the First Circuit Court at the LSU Law Center, the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) attorney stated "tigers are dangerous to the public and we don't want tigers in Louisiana". In the midst of "Tiger Country", ALDF stated their obvious true intent - ALDF does not want any tigers in Louisiana. It is true all tigers can be dangerous to the public, not just Tiger Truck Stop’s Tony. If Mike the tiger were to escape at LSU stadium with 90,000 energetic football fans, it would be extremely dangerous. No tiger has ever escaped the zoo at the Tiger Truck Stop. Zoos that have and follow safety protocols and Federal Law do not have problems with dangerous animals harming anyone.

This threat is very real. Regulation of these animals has been turned over to LDWF. They are a policing agency and are not licensed veterinarians with decades of experience in dealing with dangerous quadrupeds like tigers. Exotic animal owners and their animals are being attacked. Tigers and non-human primates that have been forcibly removed from their homes often die within three months from shock and grief.

The vast majority of people support all Louisiana tigers and understand the value of tiger preservation and exhibition. More than 20,000 people have signed the locations petition to keep Tony at the truck stop's exhibit. We believe federal licensing is adequate and significant as federal regulations have kept people safe and insured proper care of exotic animals for decades. There was never a need for individual states to become involved. We, with our family, our legal team, Truckers For Tony, and supporters, are doing everything we can to keep Tony safe here in his Louisiana home where he belongs. And we are fighting to keep Louisiana free from outside influences and non-constitutional activism who want to control us.

***************ANIMAL RIGHTS VERSUS ANIMAL WELFARE***************

Animal Rights Activists do not seek to simply improve the WELFARE of the animals they lobby for. They want to ASCRIBE constitutional RIGHTS to animals. The Animal Rights Activists will not stop until they have disrupted animal owners' rights throughout the country, preventing individuals from owning any pets, exotic or domesticated, as that would violate the "rights" of the animals. They plan to stop all hunting and commercial farming or production of meat. This type of legislation has already been attempted in other states. Some states have adopted measures to stop this type of activism as it injures commerce and treads on personal property rights. Every animal owner and animal industry in our country should stand up and take notice. This is just the beginning, and they will not stop until they get their way or are defeated, at the cost of millions in legal fees to our industries and citizens. 

Most people enjoy eating meat and big cats depend on it. If you are vegetarian, we respect your choice, but we also understand the necessity to provide the masses with a supply of fresh meat, eggs, and dairy products. We can not support this extremist point of view. This is reflected in the fact (HSUS) takes in millions of dollars but spends less than one (1)% of its revenue to provide care for any animals. (PETA) kills more than eighty seven (87)% of the animals they “treat”. Other activists have been described as“terrorists in three-piece suits” using our easily manipulated judicial systems to take animals from the people who love and care for them. If you really want to help animals donate to your local no-kill animal shelter. It is scarcely believable that animal rights terrorists from California were allowed to ultimately dictate the intent of our state law and control state departments.

If Governor Jindal and our Louisiana State Officials really have the welfare of Louisiana tigers at heart, and our constitutional rights, they would take measures to stop this attack on our personal freedoms and property. They would insure that Tony remains safe, where he is loved, and has obviously thrived for over thirteen years. On the other hand, if Tony even survives relocation, he will be isolated at an overcrowded sanctuary, starving for human affection, and grieving for the people who have loved and cared for him over the years. If he dies, like so many other seized animals have, as a result of this discriminatory Animal Rights Legislation, his blood will be on the hands of an uncaring, unresponsive government. They will have sent Tony the Trucker's Mascot Tiger to his death.

As long as we have breath and God gives us the means to continue fighting for Tony, We will.

Michael Sandlin

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