We plead for solidarity and sensitivity from President, Mr. Mauricio Macri, as well as that from Diplomats.

We ask that you exercise your authority so the polar bear Arturo, who lives in deplorable conditions in the Mendoza Zoo, is moved to Assiniboine Park Zoo in Canada, where a natural habitat and a better life are awaiting him.

We plead that you intervene on this issue and ask the officials in Mendoza who have the polar bear Arturo prisoner to accept Arturo's transfer to the reserve so he can live in suitable conditions. In December 2012, a polar bear died in Buenos Aires due to heat, causing unease in Argentina and in the international community.

After this death, refusal to transfer Arturo causes scandal in the world and Mendoza is becoming sadly famous for this, exporting an image of a retrograde province.

Say No to death and suffering! Help Mendoza be part of change, be part of the future. Help Mendoza go back to being good news to the world!

Aditional information

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums in its Polar Bear Care Manual dictates that "great care should be taken to monitor the interaction between high temperatures and high humidity", "Techniques to raise or lower humidity within indoor and outdoor exhibits include .... pools in which the bears can swim." As you can see, Arturo hasn't been able to swim for 28 years.

It also dictates in Article 1.3: "institutions must have a regular program of monitoring water quality for polar bear pools and a written record must document long-term water quality results and chemical additions (AZA Accreditation Standard 1.5.9). Monitoring selected water quality parameters provides confirmation of the correct operation of filtration and disinfection of the water supply available for the animals. Additionally, high quality water enhances animal health programs instituted for polar bears" As you can also see here, this seems to be non important to the Authorities in Mendoza, Arturo´s pool is fill with stagnat water.

Arturo’s shallow pool filled with stagnant water, as he is being freshened up by visitor.

France 24 International News on Arturo's case

Letter to
Netherlands Consulate in Mendoza Mr. C.A. Pulenta (Netherlands Consulate in Mendoza)
President of Argentina Mr. Mauricio Macri
Czech Consulate in Mendoza Mr. Fabián Raúl Meilán
and 33 others
San Marinese Consulate in Mendoza Mr Juan Carlos Benvenuti
Sirian Consulate in Mendoza Mr. Mustafá Saada
Swiss Consulate in Mendoza Mr. Raymond Schefer
Uruguayan Consulate in Mendoza Mr. Homero W. Pineda
Beligian Consulate in Mendoza Mr. Eduardo Lapania
Austrian Consulate in Mendoza Mr Friedrich Martin Kahr-Weissenbrunner
Gobierno de Mendoza
Zoo de Mendoza
Ministerio de Turismo
Secretaria Privada de la Nacion
Spanish Consulate General in Mendoza Mr. Jesus Rodriguez-Andia (Spanish Consulate General in Mendoza)
Ministerio de Turismo Ministro de Turismo (Ministerio de Turismo)
Romanian Consulate in Mendoza Mr. Octavio Viorel Chirca (Romanian Consulate in Mendoza)
Portuguese Consulate in Mendoza Mr. Juan Martin Schiappa de Azevedo (Portuguese Consulate in Mendoza)
Peruvian Consulate General in Mendoza Mr Pedro Rey Daly
Mexican Consulate in Mendoza Mrs. María Landa de González
Secretario General de la Nacion
Jefatura de Gabinete
Canadian Embassy in Argentina Mrs. Gwyneth Kutz
German Consulate in Mendoza Mr. Andreas Vollmer
Austrian Consulate in Mendoza Mr. Federico Kahr
Bolivian Consulate in Mendoza Mr. Armando Ariel Iriarte Gastelú
Brazilian Consulate in Mendoza Mr. Sergio Elías Couri
Chilean Consulate in Mendoza Mr. Roberto Araos
Colombian Consulate in Mendoza Mrs. Cecilia Barás
Danish Consulate in Mendoza Mr. Antonio Pulenta
Consulate of Ecuador in Mendoza Mrs. Julia B. Kramarenko de Battiston
Slovenian Consulate in Mendoza Mr. José Smón
Finnish Consulate in Mendoza Mr. Carlos Alberto Pulenta
British Consulate in Mendoza Mr. Carlos Alberto Pulenta
French Consulate in Mendoza Mr. Philippe Rolet
Italian Consulate in Mendoza Mr Tommaso Sansone
Israeli Consulate in Mendoza Mr Gerardo Cesar Belinsky Echin (Israeli Consulate in Mendoza)
We plead that you exercise your authority so the polar bear Arturo, who lives in deplorable conditions in the Mendoza Zoo is moved to Assiniboine Park Zoo in Canada where a better life is awaiting him

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