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Please add me to the secret Arizona Senate Building Black List

Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce has already kicked six people out of the Senate building. The legislative buildings are public property and should be open to all.

According to Pearce, there is no blacklist, yet he instructed security to take pictures of the people who were taking part in the democratic process on Tuesday, February 22, 2011.

The Capitol is a public building and this will not be tolerated.

Please sign this petition to tell Senator Russell Pearce that if everyone isn't allowed access, then no one should be allowed access.

By signing this, you are also requesting to be added to the secret black list in solidarity with the six who have already been banned for life.

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Making sure this works. :) Test Person
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We are tired of hearing about the games everyone is playing to divert our attention from the lack of leadership in this state. Instead of promoting a positive image for our state and helping the economy and job growth, you have been doing nothing but wasting time on frivolous legislation that chases away honest, hard working people who pay significant amounts of taxes.

In addition, the talk of gutting health care for those who have no other options and the insistence of turning our schools and medical care facilities into immigration enforcement and reporting agencies is the last straw.

We the people will not permit our state to be turned into a laughingstock for the sole purpose of furthering your xenophobic views. In addition, if people are to continue to be banned from our own public facilities, then we will have no choice but to stand up next to them in the upcoming weeks and reclaim what is rightfully ours.

In solidarity with our friends, I also request to be added to your secret black list until such time our state has better leadership.

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