Keep Group Purchases on Playrion's Airlines Manager

Keep Group Purchases on Playrion's Airlines Manager

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New Alliance Changes
The highly awaited alliance changes have been in the works for Airlines Manager for a number of years now. The updates are due to be launched to Tycoon Mode by the end of the year, and coming to Professional Mode in March 2022 after a beta of selected players.

So what is changing?

Along with a new chat instant messaging chat feature, removal of Network Sharing and others, the Group Purchase feature will be removed. Although not a perfect feature, they give players 10% discount and currently the only useful functionality that the alliance feature offers. We will cover the benefits of Group purchases in the next part.

Playrion have blamed the removal of this feature due personal purchases offering 13% discount. In order to achieve this, the player would have to buy a large quantity of the same aircraft, same configuration to the same hub to reach the full discount offered - not possible for smaller airlines or airlines with mixed fleets.

Another reason Playrion have stated is due to the second hand market. Here are some of the disadvantages of the second hand market as to why many airlines do not use it;
- You can buy a max of 20 planes per day.
- You have to constantly check if you have been outbid.
- No control over configurations, livery, names or wear.
- Someone has had to buy the planes in the first place?!

Why do we want to keep Group Purchases?

There are so many benefits of group purchases with a few below to name a few which include;

  1. A player get 10% discount even if you buy only one plane
  2. A player get discounts on less popular manufacturers when organised with other players
  3. A player allows you to buy in batches of planes over multiple configurations, distributed to different hubs and different names (this is not possible on bulk purchases outside alliance where all planes will have same configuration and destination)
  4. A player allows smaller players to have access to discounts they would not otherwise without saving for days (days without effectively playing the game and having airline growing)
  5. A player with insufficient personal RD on their airline can purchase a specific aircraft (although not contributing to 10% discount) will receive the aircraft allowing for further growth
  6. A player allows players to buy as many planes they wont and not just 20 a day if they want a discounted plane like with the Second Hand Market
  7. A player allows both big and large airlines to get the same benefit

How you can help.

Sign and share this petition amongst the Airline Manager Community to persuade Playrion and paradox to not remove this critical feature.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!