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Stop prosecuting innocent children

We do not allow bullying in schools. We should not allow adults to bully our children as well. Innocent children as young as 8 years old are being treated like criminals for missing school. Missed school due to illness, medical appointments, vacations and even being sent home by the school. Our county attorney and juvenile judge have scared and bullied children into thinking they can be taken away from their parents and their parents will go to jail for missing school. These children are not criminals and are not old enough to even decide if they go to school or not.  School attendance is very important and I support laws in place to monitor this.  BUT each case is different.  While some parents need this law to make them accountable, young children shouldn't be the ones prosecuted.  Stand up for your child. 

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  • Platte County Attorney
    Platte County Juvenile Justice System - Eric Jones

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