A state-by-state regulation board for medical postOp treatments and body contouring

A state-by-state regulation board for medical postOp treatments and body contouring

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Governor Wes Moore and

Why this petition matters

The problems we are currently facing as postOp care providers are (but not limited to):

  • Industry lacking hub regulations for universal quality care after aggressive invasive procedures and treatments 
  • Because there aren’t regulations, ANYONE and everyone without medical backgrounds, training, or medical licenses are performing health and medical based treatments providing unethical services to the public
  • Procedures have gotten more aggressive but the post operative care to assist and perform adequate services to help clients heal is in place to accommodate the aggressive shift
  • Plastic surgery clients demands have gone up but the availability of trained competent providers to help assist clients heal has not
  • Undertrained persons are promoting and pumping dangerously detrimental misinformation to clients that are one the largest direct correlations to hospitalizations, infections, and botched results
  • The American diet has declined over the last 20 years thus a surgeons “canvas” is of lowered quality as well BUT with the addition of more aggressive procedures AND clients getting work done that should’ve never been approved for surgery (ie, high BMI, body dysmorphia, engorged liver, poor lifestyle choices, etc) the post op therapists are struggling to learn how to care for these patients properly

The goal of any movement, board, and society should be continual forward progression; building upon the foundation we are given, maintain the standards of quality and care, passing on an improved plateau to future generations. This petition is presenting the call for a regulatory Board that oversees and upholds the Hippocratic oath within the CSL Therapy and Body Altering Aesthetics industry to decrease the amount of confusion, misinformation, botched clients, and rising infection based health crisis that arises within the industry.

The job objectives of the state Board will provide: (just to name a few)

➡️ client advocacy

➡️ proper training to providers

➡️ recoding of professional jargon and nomenclature to clear up the conflict between lymphatic massage and postOp

➡️ regulatory protocols for treatments and trainings

➡️ heightened saftey and parameters for clients postOp

➡️ surgeon training AND surgical center training requirements on quality consistent comprehensive post op care

The increase of industry qualms are a direct correlation to the lack of governance, cohesion, & medicine based authority. 

266 have signed. Let’s get to 500!