Help marine creatures by not using plastic

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Did you know that we use 8 million tons of plastic each year? If we continue this rate, there will be no more marine creatures and it will have a great amount of impact on us. 

700 marine species are known to be suffering from this nasty issue. You might think, there is no life without plastic. But, guess what, plastic was only invented in the 1970s, and people lived life before the tragic year when plastic was made, so if we stop using plastic and switch to biodegradable and sustainable products, we won't even remember that plastic was ever invented!

This toxic debris is taking over our world. There is only one thing to be done now; taking action. We can bring our reusable bags when shopping, metal straws to restaurants, and use glass/metal containers to store things instead of plastic ones! You can also plan beach cleanups with your friends and family, and if you pick up even 30 pieces of plastic, it can save 30 pieces of plastic in these poor organisms' stomachs. 

So, please help all the NGOs who are trying to help this problem, and other people who are trying their best to stop using plastic. We cannot care less if we use plastic all the time, but we care more than anything when we eat fish and get microplastic in our fragile bodies.