Plastic Eradication

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I have never been fan of plastic products since childhood but when I went to an event 'A Planet without Plastic' organized by CEEW (Council on Energy, Environment and Water) where they screened a documentary 'A Plastic Ocean'  and a panel discussion, it shook me to another level. My heart was broken to see how for our daily life comfort we are sacrificing lives. I cannot express the distress I was in while coming back to my place and during the time of commute I had prepared the list of things in plastic I use, the list was appalling and to think that every other person generally uses those stuff sank my heart in deeper agony. Not just this, learning that feeding bottles for infants isn't much good so might not be the packaged drinking that we think is safe. That was day I decided to start eradicating plastic from my life as much as I can.

Next day I found myself ordering bamboo toothbrush for my family and friends, writing emails to ecommerce companies like amazon, nykaa, etc. from which I generally order products as the bubble wraps and air bags used for packing stuffs are worst kind of plastic. Also I started mentioning it with my food order that I do not want plastic or thermocol packing. But how much can I achieve alone? I need everyone to start using all kinds of eco friendly products they can put their hands on.

To be honest even then we will not be able to achieve much, you know why? Just look around, more than 90% products come in plastic packing...right from milk to maggie, facewash to toothpaste, pen stands, bottles, mats, phones, notebooks, hair accessories, storage containers, laptops, chairs, tables, beds, wardrobes, planters, scoopers, pens, and the list goes on! I understand we cannot replace everything but we can some, at least to start with. 

Here, I call upon Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Commerce and Industry to regulate use of plastic by manufacturing companies and a responsible way to recycle it, as plastic cannot be decomposed. Big Shots: Nestle, Hindustan Unilever, Cello, Nilkamal, Tata, Godrej, P&G, Coca Cola, Pepsico, Mother Dairy, Tupper ware, Marico, etc. start saving lives, it is call of the hour.

Also I call upon every individual to do their bit. Not just carrying cloth bag will do the cure, replace your toothbrush, avoid using plastic wrap for food packing, avoid using plastic water bottles, use silicone or natural rubber products, ban use of use and throw pens, use paper or wooden straws if necessary, use biodegradable garbage bags, carry your own coffee mug, buy largest pack of stuffs like liquid detergent and all unless an alternate is available, buy tetra pack of milk rather than small packets, and the list of things we can do also goes on.

The biggest step towards betterment rests with Ministry to regulate and the MNCs to start caring more towards environmental issue and find alternates.

Let's start a small step towards tomorrow's betterment. Sign petition and help us all.