Plantation without Boundaries.

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The air quality that burns our throats and eyes doesn’t notice if it’s burning Noida or Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana or the whole NCR. The main cause of the degradation of air quality is the agricultural activities taking place in Punjab and neighbouring states of Delhi during the harvesting season.

Every year, Delhi NCR becomes a gas chamber during winter due to various agricultural activities, vehicular pollution, and irregulated construction dust. We can’t control the air that is reaching us in our cities but we can improve the quality of it. With this idea in mind, a group of individuals decided to carry out a plantation drive with the aim of planting 10 Lakh trees across Delhi NCR. This idea came to be called the People’s Movement.





This idea was started with much enthusiasm to carry out plantations in Delhi and it’s neighbouring cities such as Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. These five cities make the boundary of Delhi and together makes up the Delhi National Capital Region. Different organisations lent their support in accumulating volunteers and getting approvals from different authorities to carry out plantations at various locations around the five cities. After getting approvals in Noida for the plantation, we were denied plants from the forest department due to a major plantation drive in the state that is being planned in August.

In Delhi, we were being provided with the plants but there was no green belt area or land that was available for plantation. We were denied permission to transport plants to Noida because it comes under a different state and the plants from Delhi are supposed to be planted in Delhi. Now, we are left with pits, volunteers, approvals but no plants. We can’t control anything even after achieving so much and gathering huge support to our cause. WE FEEL HELPLESS. 

When we can’t control the air that is reaching us why are we controlling the logistics that can make it better? Why can’t the two-states work in harmony for better and more breathable cities? 

The air of Delhi does not stop flowing at Noida border or vice-versa. If plantation would be carried out either in Noida or Gurgaon or Faridabad, all the five cities in Delhi NCR will benefit from it collectively. Why are we being stopped to make a better future for us due to a few legal technicalities? All we want as citizens of Delhi NCR is to see the smogless morning that doesn’t burn our eyes as soon as we get out of our houses. 

We urge the authorities to loosen the noose of paperwork and work harmoniously for the betterment of the citizens and provide us with the means to achieve our respective ends.