Stand up for Your Bus Access: LTD Routes #28, 73, 24, 27, 33, 55, 78, 40+more may be cut

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Changes proposed in LTD’s Transit Tomorrow are potentially disastrous for Eugene's community of neighborhoods. For example, the #28 LTD route that circumnavigates East and West Amazon Drive in South Eugene is a critical lifeline for many residents that provides transport to schools, work, doctor visits, universities, and connects us to downtown and boasts "optimal ridership" according to LTD's General Manager. Other neighborhood routes are also on the chopping block, including the 73, 24, 27, 33, 55, 78, and 12, 17, 41, and 40 (see photo above for details, which LTD has taken down from their site on 2/5), while some corridors will receive 15 minute service. Our neighborhoods have been successful in attracting a diverse population precisely because bus routes provide a reliable method of transport— cutting this service means that those without the ability to drive or the desire to drive will be forced to leave their neighborhood. LTD has not included enough consideration for the disabled, and no consideration for school districts yet in these plans.  Route alterations affect access and equity. Students, low income, and people of color will be most adversely affected should the planned proposal be voted through, and fully 5% of Lane County who are currently served by LTD will be losing their access to public transit. Families will be forced to move or perhaps transfer schools. Public transit along or near these routes is one of the only reasonable responses to alleviate future congestion and prepare for climate change. Climate and ridership goals can be reached by making common sense route improvements, increasing service quality, adding electric/hybrid buses, and using faster traffic patterns for buses.
Our community members pay their share of taxes and deserve for their voices to be heard on this issue. Our quiet and caring community has been built predicated on these bus routes and we call on LTD to respond to these community concerns.