Ask the Planning Inspectorate to dismiss the appeal of the VIP Rockwell development

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This petition asks the Planning Inspectorate to dismiss the appeal of the VIP Rockwell development. 

This application has already been refused by both the Mayor of London and Royal Borough of Greenwich for a number of reasons, including that the proposed development would result in the over development of the site and would fail to adhere to the vision and objectives for the redevelopment of the area set out in the Charlton Riverside Masterplan, adopted by the Council in 2017 as planning guidance for the area.

The well-received Charlton Riverside Masterplan was developed over a period of five years, with the full involvement of the local community, at a cost of £854,000 using the Council's (e.g. the public's) money.

The VIP Rockwell development appeal currently before the Planning Inspectorate drives a coach and horses through the carefully created Masterplan in terms of building heights, levels of density/massing, and affordable housing.  

If the VIP Rockwell development appeal is allowed by the Planning Inspectorate it will set a precedent for all future developers to ignore the Masterplan in respect of further planning applications for the wider site. This will have a huge impact on the whole of Charlton and beyond it across south east London.

It would set a dangerous precedent if this appeal is allowed at this density.  There are many other developers waiting in the background to see what happens.  All of their proposals for new housing are well over the density required for their plots in the Masterplan and the London Plan.  There are no agreements currently in place for local infrastructure, which includes, roads, school places, doctor surgery places and public transport.  This will effect everyone living and working in the SE7 area and all the areas around it.

We, the residents of Charlton, ask that you please sign this petition and ask the Planning Inspectorate to dismiss this appeal and enforce the terms of the Charlton Riverside Masterplan.  Thank you very much.


Petition posted by Andrew Donkin on behalf of Charlton Together - a group of local residents groups and societies working together in Charlton.