Stop the MAJOR Telecommunication Facility at the Petaluma Creamery

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The proposed installation, 16 antennas capable of outputting more than 530,000 watts of effective radiated power, atop the Petaluma Creamery, will have negative impacts for all residents. There are numerous studies and information on the effects of millimeter waves to the human body, as well as animal and plant life. There is evidence of many cancer clusters that have developed after cell towers and small cell facilities have been implemented near or atop places where people live and work.

Petaluma residents are requesting that this major facility not be installed in our  residential neighborhood. We demand that there be studies conducted to determine the safety of such facilities in such close proximity to homes and schools.

This major Verizon/Complete Wireless Antenna Farm, will also negatively impact our property value. With such a major facility so close to many of our homes, it would make it more difficult to rent or sell, as we would have to disclose this information to potential renters or buyers.

As residents in close proximity to this installation we will be bombarded with this millimeter technology 24/7. Denying our ability to choose whether we would like this technology or not, denying our ability to protect our children, taking that choice away.

Let’s stop this installation now, so we may conduct studies, and become more informed of the hazards, before it’s too late.

Our children are depending on us to protect their future. We do not consent.

Please review these websites:

Physicians for Safe Technology      website:

Thank You,

Residents of Petaluma